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I ordered a dress that I thought was beautiful on the modlily.com. I received a dress from modlily.com and it was hideous.

It was made of poor quality and looked nothing like the dress on the website as shown in the attached photo. This website is very misleading. After contacting the company by email they told me that I had to pay shipping but I may as well keep it because of the amount of the fees. Do not purchase anything from this company it is a rip off.

They knew this dress looked nothing like the picture. Thank you

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $39.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I found the quality of the shirt I bought to be good. Sizing is all off I need to exchange for same shirt larger size.

I can’t get any one to respond to me. Exchanging should not be this difficult. I’ve been trying for over a Week.

For this reason I would not buy from them again. I still want my exchange or I just wasted my money.


Thank you for sharing


This company is a complete scam. Items are nothing like picture and they change their company name every so many months once the bad reviews start.

This shell company will be named something else before you know it scamming people yet again. Stay far away for all to good to be true companies !


Don't buy anything from this company.I never received what I ordered and when I tried to get a refund they emailed me back they would cancel my order and give me a credit. What good is a credit to buy merchandise that they don't deliver? They don't post a phone number so you can't call them.Emailing back and forth is like talking to someone in a foreign country.


This company is BS! Returned two shirts through their ticket return process which is complicated.

Got an email saying no refund because the products were damaged and worn. Will NEVER buy from sponsored ads again on social media!


I had bad experience with Modlily also, I sent back two dresses cheaply made and they said they never received. I sent my receipt of return from post office to pay pal who I purchased through they contacted Modlily who said no return received. I think they may give a fake return address THEIR a scam bad company and pal pal should STOP doing business with them!


Omg.. that's the scam people.

This dress is the most hideous thibg i have seen. You look great in this p.o.s dress, u would look good wearing a curtain lol. (That's a compliment) but the point is about their dress and their scams! How dare they do this to us hard working people!

They know what They are doing, they false advertise clothing items etc and yet they know it doesn't pay to ship this crap back so in hindsight they just made free money! I know alot of consumer companies and also a head of one that will eventually get this site shut down. I'm sending this review to her..(she's and our lawyer handles this type of online fraudulaunt scams. Many times these companies hear random people claiming they will sue, get their lawyer, etc.

But they know many people are mad etc and aren't going to actually pay a lawyer to handle something that's overseas and yet they also think whatever they do they can't get shut down. Boy...are they wrong! This has been happening more and more as the years go by and yes, what a surprise I have in store for these scam artists! Lawyers are, Will, and can do alot more than they think especially ones that specialize in this background!

Keep the reviews coming ladies.... I need these to show (always helps)..

ill keep everyone updated. U will at least get all your money back and hopefully see them shut down for good!

to Shannon01 #1603674

Why are they still in business? It is November 2018!

Spring, Texas, United States #1315814

If i ever buy on a Chinese website i always pay the few extra bucks to insure the shipping to the US.I have had to use the insurance for my order that never showed up or was damaged more then once.

Granada Hills, California, United States #1310714

Same thing with me... Different material than posted two toned dress when the one on the picture was one tone. Size did not fit and I ordered a larger size because it can always be taken in.


I ordered and paid, it never came. Contacted them several times finally they responded to wait a little longer. Well, it never came and they would not return my money.




my daughter had a similar experience when she picked her prom dress, fortunately she got creative and modified the dress herself, or else we would have been slightly stuck.

its a shame about the dress, but you have a beautiful figure. best of luck


Same dress my daughter ordered but it was short. There wasnt even enough material to cover her *** and they are small, and that thing they call lace was not lace and the netting was so cheap, i think a hair net was probably better than what they used. They are a rip off.


if you paid via credit card just call your credit card company and file a complaint. They will reverse the charges On the merchant.


LOL holy *** that is horrible. sorry girl, i had a simliar experience with nastydress.com


I haven't even joined and read your review; it got a loud chuckle from me. You're right, it really isn't the dress photographed.

So can you expose that seller? P1



You're right, the dress on the left is beautiful and the one on the right is not at all.

Vallejo, California, United States #1083230

I like the one you got. It helps tuck in your belly. Plus, it looks like you have 2 paper plates in the to microwave your donuts.

to kuei #1097746

Well that was totally uncalled for bitchiness.

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