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I wanted to find out if you have a complaint about Mobility4Less/cozy trikes.Electric trikes- Your site gave me more than 3000 choices to go thru based on only 1 key word.Please modify your software to also find according to the full request. Also,can you put up a tag asking if- You have been drop shipment scammed?I noticed this is common on your site and costs consumers BILLIONS now!!

Now-Mobility-Nice looking web site but very misleading!! Difficult to contact by phone,internet only.No actual address-shipping address on delivery sheet in connetecut bogus!!Probibly drop shipped from china.They never touch-see product.Sent us Adult electric tricycle rebaged/stickered as cozy trike more than a mounth after it was promised.We almost canceled payment,but recived call from the truck driver-Im here!! Trike was supposed to be partally assembled.Was in damaged/very poor condition crate.Inspection during unpacking revealed it was an older model that had been bounced around in a warehouse unwanted for years on its end, scraping the paint off the trikes rear fenders.Assembly revealed many problems,shitty assembly book-I overcame this because Im an experanced/traned mechanic.Later,during use-the dangerus steel/aluminum steering stem wouldn't stay tight.Needs to be a BMX heaver duty 4 bolt.Tiny rear drum brake dangersly inadiqite-must depend on frount brake-pads wear out very fast and tear up the rim.Wheels are odd size-22-tires and tubes are difficult to find.Tires can be obtained thru Alibaba in China, Where they are made- thru an old and well known tire distributer.Mobility sells dangerus Chinese junk.They also over charged -Nearly $ 2000 and didn't send other items..This scam needs to be SHUT DOWN before someone gets seariously injured!!

I hope this is helpful and you will use it-Thank you!! Will send you a letter later about this-thanks!!

User's recommendation: Shut them down!!

Location: San Diego, California

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Thank you for sharing this. I was in the process of dealing with this company but feeling uncomfortable with their policy of only wanting checking account information or wire transfer from me.

I have decided to cancel my order and have put a watch on my checking account and credit card to prohibit access from this company. I very much appreciate both reviews of this company and have chosen to go with a more reputable company even through the price for the trike is slightly higher.

I was able to pay through paypal and feel much more secure about that. Thanks again.

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