My experience with Minneapolis Singles, in particular, Laura, is one that speaks of a lack of service transparency, and a lack of communication in regard to the services. First, the service is very expensive with the promise that members have been background checked, vetted and that a person is a safe person.

I expressed to Laura the importance of me dating someone that I could feel safe with. However, I can attest that this is not happening. Also, they use a database to place all of their members. The database runs very slowly.

I had brought this to their attention and there was no explanation as to why, nor how they would fix it. Also, I was told that you are young during the orientation. Later, I found out that this meant that the male members were typically in their fifties or older. I was, 45, at the time of the orientation.

Laura had selected seventeen members for me to review. Despite reaching out to a few, they definitely were not the best match for what I was looking for. I did make another effort and called Laura to request that she reach out to two members to see if she could connect us that way. Laura said she would get back to me, and never did.

Additionally, all of the members were in the Minneapolis area, whereas, I am in the St. Peter, MN area which is in Southern Minnesota. I had no idea that there were NO members from my area in the database. So, virtually, I was left with very few options and options that didnt really fit.

Regarding the database, there was a solicitation for video clips to be made as a way to entice another member to look at your profile.

This was an additional cost, to top, of the already enormous cost that was applied to the package. I was not made aware of solicitation and how it may affect my ability to reach potential matches. I was told to put Minneapolis as my location. I was that it was because the agency was located in Minneapolis.

Again, a lack of transparency is at stake here. There were only a few occasions where Laura communicated with me. Also, Laura told me that a successful relationship is one that ends with marriage. I told her that I was not interested in marriage and that there are successful relationships that dont have to be marital.

In regard to communications, I was told that I had to go through the administrative assistant. This felt odd and seemed very unprofessional of Laura since she stated she would be the one that I could talk to in regard to the matches and getting a match. Laura never did successfully match me with anyone. I was not given time to review any of their service before making a good decision about paying close to $8,000.00.

I wasnt even allowed to make payments. I was told I had to pay the full amount up front, or I would have to pay like close to 29% in interest fees. If a member has to pay close to $8000.00 and all at once, then, there should definitely be a lot of amazing customer service, and great matching mechanisms and support for dating successfully. Otherwise, it is the equivalent of an app service, which is not what I was looking nor hoping for.

Also, the cost was to include social events.

They stated that due to the pandemic that they were canceling them. Sadly, this did not help either. Many places have had virtual happy hours, virtual parties, and other virtual events. Minneapolis Singles has never announced any virtual events, nothing, as a means to potentially connect with a member.

I dont understand why I would pay full price if part of the service is not even available. Again, this is a lack of transparency regarding service offerings.

Recently, Laura and I did speak, again, and she commented on how I am dating James. James is their photographer. This is true.

However, James and I connected. At the time, he was a contractor for Minneapolis Singles and had taken my photograph for the database. James was not a member, either, of the Minneapolis Singles agency. Since I was able to meet James, in person, and not have to go through a database, I was delighted that I found someone that I felt comfortable dating.

It is misleading of Laura to reference my relationship with James since he is not a member and was not even an employee of Minneapolis Singles during that timeframe. Also, revealing the information that I had shared about James to American Express shows that they are willing to expose members private information without their permission. This is another safety issue.

She claimed that she had never had complaints like this, yet I was able to find some on the Minnesota BBB. When you search for Google reviews, you cannot find them.

This is very strange.

Any reputable business would want to have Google reviews.

Below is a link to Minneapolis Singles' complaints. I have provided a few examples, and there are more where this agency has charged, their clients for a service they were promised, but did not get.

Minneapolis Singles | Reviews | Better Business Bureau Profile (bbb.org)

User's recommendation: Lack of transparency of service, lack of customer service, high-priced for type of service.

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Nothing good ever comes out of these singles businesses. They always have TONS of great matches until they get your money.

The days of businesses like this, It's Just Lunch, Great Expectations, etc is over. Save your money.


I experienced the same with Minneapolis Singles. Overpriced, you are not allowed to look at their database until the 3 days cancellation window is closed.

You have to make a video before looking at database and the video cannot be booked until after the 3 day window. Also, after two years, I have yet to see anyone that interests me.


I have to say I’m really disappointed in the service as well. I signed with them approximately Jan 2021 and I haven’t been one one date.

They do offer some group outings but if there is no one I’m attracted to why would I go? I have found very little traffic in the way of new clients over the past nine months.

They really catered to me in the beginning sending me numerous profiles to look at but I was not attracted to ANY of them. It’s a lot of money for nothing.

@Larue Wvc

I have had a similar experience and when pressed Wendy on it, she threatened to terminate the contract for speaking negatively about their service. She is complete denial over the service provided, and accepts no accountability for the BBB reviews or the services rendered.

Was also led to believe it was an actual match making service and that others charge 2 to 5x as much for their services and that this was a bargain. But when pressed to tell me which services she was referring to in the initial sales pitch, she told me I can research that for myself. Stay away, and read their "iron clad" contract according to Wendy, which is the only thing keeping them out of court.

It costs to much to pursue their deceptive business practices and false inducement as you are liable for the legal fees if you lose, which is in the thousands. Greatly exaggerated and over hyped service.

@Larue Wvc

I can attest to the same experiences! I’m really pissed at myself for falling for their BS!

Of course I should have followed my gut and the general rule that if something sounds too good to be true, it is! I did have a few dates but the men were not of the high quality that they were “sold” as! Most were divorced with kids which I would expect but I found not really ready to be dating! Also, it was slim pickings and did not live anywhere near St.

Paul. I’m not interested in driving 45-1 hour to date someone.

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