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Attached is my email communication with this crook. Fortunately my credit card company ruled in my favor and I received a full refund.

It should be noted that both tuners were returned, repackaged in a neat and orderly fashion as they were received (photographs taken at time of shipping).

I received my minimaxx tuner for my 2015 F350 today and received the error for unrecognized part number. However I do not see a file folder titled ford15 on the sd card. Please contact me to assist as soon as possible as my f350 is currently down waiting for this file.

Response-When you plug tuner into truck do you have the 15 Ford option?

No I do not. Only up to 14.

What do I need to do?

Response-If you don't have the 15 option we'll need to send you one with the 15 Ford option with a return label for the other one.


This tuner worked, however Im immediately having error code p259F which looks to be a common problem on the 2015 when running an H&s tuner. I think I would like to just return both tuners and receive a refund.

Response-turn the tuner down to a lower power level. Those codes are a truck issue not a tuner issue. That isn't the code that the 16 ford trucks get.

And you have a 15 which works fine with no codes.

I will be sending both tuners back and would like a full refund. Thank yoI

Response-Let me know when you send them back. You will have a restocking fee plus additional fee for using two tuners and now they're both used units plus used cords, mount etc. So probably 40% restocking fee.

Both were sent back yesterday.

And thats gonna be a negative. I will not pay a restocking fee. I ordered the correct tuner, the wrong one was sent. And the second tuner did not function as advertised.

I have had my SCT livewire tuner on for several days now with zero check engine lights or de-rates. There is record of people having the same exact issue with the same codes in threads on 2015 models. Unfortunately, turn down the power level is not an acceptable fix. You can either fully refund my money, or Ill just address it threw a credit card dispute and reviews.


You're not getting a full refund. You ruined several tuners. This will be uploaded for the dispute and you will not get any of your money back.

Ive actually already gotten my money back. And full photos of everything listed in the dispute.

Good luck though.

Im advertising for ya. You sent the WRONG tuner to start with genius.

User's recommendation: Stay clear, dishonest dealer.

Preferred solution: Awareness to other potential victims..

Mini Maxx Wholesale Cons: Defective junk, Dishonest company.

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