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On March 19, 2021, my NEW truck was damaged at a car wash, a claim was filed with the car wash. The car wash advised me to take my vehicle Milstead Collision repair to which I agreed.

Here I was greeted by Glynn Gilbert where he went on to tell me about how many incidents such as mine, they see from this car wash.

Glynn and I went over vehicle thoroughly. After a month I receive call my vehicle is ready upon walking vehicle I pointed out deep scratch both Glynn and I noted at the beginning, was not corrected however it was noted by Glynn that someone tried to hide it with a sharpie. Glynn's claim was DR. Detail had to have done this because they sure would not.

*Attention to detail?

I'm called to pick up my vehicle again and upon leaving I look up and find grease on visor, Glynn comes and picks up my vehicle for the day and returns it stating passenger side visor also had grease on it. * They cleaned it but didn't do it! Dr. Detail Did it.

*Attention to detail?

$ 659.98 full detail, door jams, tail gate jams not whipped down all left with compound residue, Glynn take vehicle once again and claims he paid another 99$ for Dr. Detail to clean vehicle again. *Attention to detail?

I had found a screw in one of my door handles, I asked Glynn at this time what it was too, his reply was I have no idea we removed nothing, but I will take it and investigate. While washing my car I found rear mud flap under my seat and 4 more screws in rear door handle.

I went to Milstead to grab the 5th screw that has been sitting on Glynn's desk for a month now (per Glynn). (He can't find it) The drip moldings were ripped from my vehicle during this initial incident new molding were ordered however never put on my vehicle, have been on floorboard ever since. I took to Toyota to have put on and they indicated these moldings are for up to 2017. *Attention to detail?

upon my one month follow up with Dr.

Detail where we found rear qtr. not addressed in this paint correction process. Dr. detail said vehicle needed to go to paint.

Glynn came and inspected once again Glynn found scratches covered by a marker. Glynn's comment to me was you need to sue them for as much as you can (referring to the car wash that that accepted fault and paid to have vehicle corrected) ! The Car wash has agreed and paid Milstead to fix my vehicle totaling over $3,800 plus 1,800 in rental.

** All of this is on Milstead, the carwash contracted and paid Milstead to fix my vehicle

Glynn told me, look Mr. XXXXX I will take care of all this and correct the ceramic coating.

I was told by Dr.

Detail they installed a 10-year ceramic coating, Glynn told me they applied the cheapest and agreed the work Dr. Detail performed was not to his liking.

Glynn's honesty and attention to detail failed both the party who sent me there, myself and Milstead.

*People, you've been warned!

If you've had a good experience, good on you! This man's line of BS is over the top with one lie upon another.

I don't care if you drive a $5,000 vehicle or a $100k vehicle-go elsewhere.

Honesty and integrity, you will not find here


Milstead still owes me paint correction, drip moldings for a 2021 not a 2017 and the ceramic coating for which they have been paid.

Glynn is 100% aware of this and all steams from his (lack of) Attention to detail.

User's recommendation: If you want honesty, integrity, quality work and attention to detail to works being provided on your vehicle. GO ELSEWHERE!

Monetary Loss: $2250.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Milstead Collision Cons: Lies, Misleading, Attention to detail, Communication.

Location: 1602 Rayford Road, Spring, TX 77386

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