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My Millionaire Mentor Ryan Mathews IS a SCAM!!!He 1st PROMISES you are guaranteed $500.00 if you watch a video...

THEN comes the page to pay $49.00 for a space that has ONLY 7 left and he is ONLY taking 50 "under his guidance"

Well that's all you get You never get anything else but more and more emails asking you to up buy stuff (had to delete my email account) Its false advertising. He requires more and more from you, you'll never get a response from them/him to your email... He take your money and Gets Rich.

ALL it gets you is a smaller bank balance, pain and suffering...It's outright stealing!!!

I didn't like: Being flat out lied to.

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Reason of Review / Monetary Loss Not as described / $98
Preferred solution My check for $500.00 AS PROMISED + the $200.00 promised in the email = $700.00 TOTAL

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I just paid 47.00 to Facebook and was redirected to millionaire mentor sounded to good to be true I went back to Facebook and asked for a refund and they said I was only getting half the amount back I only ordered it 5 minutes ago what a rip off that's how they get rich


I received an email from Ryan Matthews, watched and listen to his fantastic offer, got all the way to the credit card information and something told me to stop. After reading here, I'm glad I did....


Just watched his video and as they say " if it's to good to be true it pribley is" it's like MLM the old A.L.Williams buy term insurance and invest the difference supposed to make millionaires it did Author L Williams and a hand full are millionaires but there are thousands of dead bodies along the way.


to Anonymous #1159396

these scamming punks should be out jail. the lord is going to deal with these people.


I was browsing through the Internet to find a at home job and came across my millionaire mentor...I watched the video it's sounded so good to me but at the same time felt sketchy.

Nobody will give out secrets on how to make that kind of money first of all. Second while watching the video would he pay out of pocket what he says he would and really help or just hurt people's pockets... Something wasn't right about the $49 either so i again browsed online and typed is my millionaire mentor a scam?. I find a couple of things on google clicked on this site and saw people complaining and what a cheat he is.

How he doesn't promise anything and he is asking for more money... Thanks for the comments I really was going to fall for it because it sounded all so good.

BUT when my gut feeling says something is sketchy and doesn't sound right always go by your gut it never lies..Thanks for posting the reviews and I'm sorry your guys had to go through this..

to Anonymous #1172498

I was also browsing online and can a cross this SCAM also I looked into it on another service and found all this I stopped watching it my time is more valuable then watch how this Ryan guy gets people hopes up and so called get out of debt fast CRAZY the only one getting out of debt fast is him cause.49.00 x 50 members he says that's 2450.

He just made in one day yes he is getting rich off hard working America's hoping. It should be a law againest that. Fall back to the Old saying IF It SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE then it always is. Thank god for internet and people taking time to let everyone know the real SCAM.and stop paying to watch him ride around in his new car and live in his mansion.I don't usually take the time myself to write reviews but I can only wonder how many hard working families this guy has messed over.

And that's sorry for him to be okay with it.

to Anonymous #1182845

I totally understand what you are saying, cause I did the same thing, watch the video and got to the page to put in all the credit info, and my gut told me to ck this out, so I did, and here I am along with all of you other good people, "wonder if all of us could get together and scam them, as they have done us"..Like they always say, "If it sounds to good, it usually is" or "Don't believe everything you see on the internet"...Thanks everyone for your posting and better luck next time..There has to be something that is honest, I just will not believe that all people are to be some good people left in this curated world some were.



Saint-Denis, Ile-De-France, France #1122894

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is


Thank you so much for posting your review.I was hurting financially and was very tempted to pay the $49.00.

I figured if he is so wealthy, why would he need my $49.00. I don't believe all his promises.

Obviously, you don't get the $500.00 as promised.

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