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I attended a seminar in Vancouver and bought the 3 day package for 467.00 dollars which MMG referenced as a "training." Once I attended he training I was upsold into a 35K package by Brian Peterson which now I now is not really an Investor. I should have known....he is to young to have the experience he claims to have. After doing an Investigation on Brian Peterson I found the whole crew of MMG comes from another company EWI. SEE THIS LINK: http://www.ewiworkshops.com/bios/bio_all.aspx

All these guys are are seminar speakers. I called Linda at the MMG office and they would not return my calls. I showed up at the 3 day buying boot camp where I was told I would meet the contractors and power team only to her from Mark Dove that we didn't want to meet them because the were mexican and only spoke spanish and we would not undersatnd them anyway.

This is a warning, If you want to throw away hard earned dollars go ahead. The coaches will lie to make a sale. They are not investors......Please look at the sight. All these guys are sales people taking your money!!!

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Lehigh Acres, Florida, United States #1254204

Thank you for sharing your experience.I'm sorry you were taken, but think of it as a learning experience, we've all done it.

There are always a few creeps out there to take advantage of us honest, hard working or looking to be hard workers.

Thank you again for sharing.

Have a nice Holiday Season.

New York, New York, United States #1217354

So happy I checked this to see your reviews.If it seems too good to be true...it probably is.

Im a single mother to 4yr old and my ex took everything and my credit. Im never gonna get on my feet especially with all these scumbags out there take poor innocent peoples money.

They should be shot.Lol

Old Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1212038

I gave money to JT foxx and associates for a movie project a few years ago.And poof they are gone!


I haven't had any reporting, not a single email, not a phone call not even a postcard.BEWARE OF JT FOXX!

Old Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1212036

Dwayne Harris is a ***.I hate to say it but that the truth.

There's no other way to describe it. He lies about everything. I made the foolish mistake of giving him money and within their "cooling off" period I changed my mind and contacted him. All I got was a run around until now he says the "cooling off" period is expired and I did not follow through on the guidelines required for his refund.

***!Am totally pissed off!

Los Angeles, California, United States #1205055

I am similarly disappointed in Robert Kyosaki and the rich dad brand.I thought that because it was so highly visible and he is so powerfully branded that I would have a different experience.

I paid for training which wasn't that expensive but quite frankly I found pretty basic. It didn't deliver at all what I expected. And then for deeper coaching I decided to take a chance. In the end and over the last three years I have invested just over $50K in their programs not included other money I spent in trying to make the deals they told me how to do work out.

If Robert is following what he teaches I can't see how he could possibly have made the millions he has claimed to make over the years.

The profits are minimal and the work is far more than is ever represented.It is not as easy as its made out to be and quite frankly I could have lean red more and done better by reading a few books and getting my own real estate license.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1205054

Brian Peterson and EWI have continually changed their names yet continue to pedal the same nonsense.When they are taking in 35K for a coaching program they don't need to be investors.

As there aren't many investments that can net a person 35K for little or no money down.This is the biggest racked going.

Wichita, Kansas, United States #1205053

Sorry to take this back to Loral Langemeier.Does anyone know if she has ever been investigated or reported to the Securities commission.

I spent quite a bit of money on things that she offered and I am kind of upset. I understand that I will never get money back for seminars or "Coaching" but I would like to see if some of the business opportunities she presented are a possibility. I already checked to see if she has a license to offer investments and she does not. I also checked to see if the offers I participated in were registered securities and they are not.

I am looking to take this to the next level.Any suggestions?

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #1205051

I personal invested with opportunities that were presented through JT FOXX events.I have yet to receive anything.

I understand that he has had so many complaints and legal challenges that his not allowed to teach or present in Canada or the US anymore. That is why is currently spending most of his time teaching and training in asia. Naturally the Chinese are not able to access many of the north american websites (especially the government ones) that reveal what JT Foxx really is doing. It's only a matter of time until karma and character catch up with him over there too.

I suspect however that the penalties and laws for fraud and theft are much more severe.

It's only a matter of time until JT FOXX finds himself in a Chinese prison.And I want my money back.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1205048

This talk around JT FOXX is very interesting.I have had no direct business dealings with him.

But I must admit he is the most arrogant seminar teacher that I have ever met. An associate of mine was apparently was a coach for him or knows some behind the scenes stuff on JT from working within his organization. It wasn't pretty.

But then who knows how much is true.The one thing that I will say is that if you google him there aren't a lot of positive reports out there.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #1205044

I attended some of JT FOXXs events.He never presented any investment opportunities at this event but he did invite me to receive coaching from him.

He was hoping to get somewhere in the neighbourhood of $60K. Nice try. The biggest thing about his event that was a turn off for me was how much he actually thought of himself. He apparently owns or runs more than 80 businesses, is close friends with Eric Trump and flies around the world with him in his private plane.

JT is constantly talking about how much money he has and who his celebrity friends are. This is all *** of course. He hires these people to be part of his events and gets pictures at meet & Greets which anyone can do for a couple of hundred dollars. He does not know these people nor do they know him.

I found this out as I met Gene Simmons at an autograph signing a few years ago. JT FOXX has talked lots about his "Buddy" Gene over the years. Well, I asked Gene point blank how he knew JT and he had no idea who I was talking about. Then after jogging his memory and so forth Gene remembered an event he attended for him.

Friends? Hardly. I am sure its the same relationship with the Trumps and whoever else he claims connection with.

And think about this folks, If he owns 80 companies they must be ***. Most millionaires and billionaires focus on one company and run it well.

And that's a full time job.

I'd be really interested to see the books for those...

JT FOXX is the biggest scammer of them all.

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