In 2021, Microsoft claimed payment for their 365 Family package from my wife and I separately despite an email warning not to do so. When confronted with this, the subscription was placed on a proper footing, albeit with a few weeks loss of service.

On that occasion, the customer service person was helpful.

However, Microsoft repeated this action in 2022. On this occasion, they made no attempt to answer my complaint or put it right.

Fortunately, I was able to get help from others and managed to reconnect my own subscription to my wife's machine.

Unless I am much mistaken, Microsoft have left this family a little out of pocket but, more importantly, they have shown up their systems as inadequate unless you are buying from them! This company is happy to take your money, but not to put things right.

It's a large company with a large customer service base but one that seems not fit for purpose.

Robin Trewartha

User's recommendation: BEWARE this deterioration in customer care in this large company: perhaps too large to bother?

Location: Wymondham, England

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