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Update by user Jun 02, 2021

Three plus months later... I heard nothing from them for another month.

I went onto their website and others and posted the FACTS of the situation again. About two hours later "Linda" called me and apologized that she had been out with family issues and she was in the office with Donnie the "Sales Manager" and he wanted to speak with me. (I was obviously on speaker phone) I then was treated to an *** chewing about how there was nothing wrong with my truck, it was "all in my mind" and that he did not want to do business with me because I was "blackmailing" them by posting bad reviews (FACTS). I was informed he had a shortage of trucks and he had no intention of losing money on a truck when he was selling trucks faster than they could get them in.

He raised his voice, was demeaning, rude and threatened me that if I brought up lawyers he would just send it all over to the legal department. Incidentally, I am a combat trained Marine Veteran and I did not appreciate a 20 something speaking to me in the manner he used. I told him that I was still willing to pay some dollars for depreciation but they had ruined my motor and I was not comfortable with the truck any longer and wanted them to do "what is right". He again told me that it was "all in my mind" and that he had a Ford Engineer look at the truck and that he said there was nothing wrong with it.

Being in the business I am in, I deal with engineers regularly. I asked for the documentation of the supposed Engineer inspection. Amazingly enough, he could not produce the documentation. Any engineer that was tasked with verification of mechanical operation would have produced documentation of his/her findings.

He then calmed down and said that he would do his best to make me a deal on a new truck and for me to deal with "Linda" (who was stuck in the middle and just as professional and understanding as she could be). The truck offered was not a match to my truck, was a crew cab, was the second to lowest trim package and they offered me the same deal on it as if I would have been a walk-in for a trade, not a two time customer that they had damaged the motor on my truck. This being evidenced by the black book documentation that I DID provide. The new price for the stripped down truck was my truck plus 8500.00 after they destroyed my motor.

No Deal! They don't care about what is right for customer service, they treat customers like they are doing you a favor, and will not make their mistakes right. So, I am still driving a truck with a miss and damaged motor from a company that will not "do what is right".

Again, DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE DEPARTMENT OR BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS DEALERSHIP. You will be on your own if there are any issues I am proof of that!

Update by user Apr 10, 2021

I tried the BBB complaint route. The dealership responded (which is all that is required by the BBB to keep your rating).

Their response was that I should find another dealership to service my vehicle if I was not happy with their service. I denied the response, stating that THEIR dealership damaged my motor and THEIR dealership needs to make things right, not try to pass me on to another dealership. The dealership responded again and the gist of the response was that they could not get the truck to provide any "codes" and there was nothing wrong with my truck (as was their original stance). The BBB closed the case because they responded.

I also went to their site and posted a review, and Yelp and google about three weeks ago. about a week after posting the reviews I got a call from Linda in sales, stating that they would upgrade me to a 2021 truck of approximately the same model for an additional 10-20K, she said they would "make things right" I told her that I was willing to work with them but would/could not pay anywhere near that amount. That would be starting all over again, and is the same cost if I decided to trade in for a 2021. I realize the truck depreciates over time, but it only has 5800 miles on it, and I had planned on this truck lasting me as my retirement truck.

I told her that I thought 3-5K would be more in line for the exact same model. She said her manager could get to that price if I would take a 2 wheel drive, stripped down XL model with a smaller motor. My truck is the FX4 with the 5.0 motor and although not fully loaded (platinum package) it is decently appointed with extras, tow package, pro trailer back-up assist etc. She told me they did not have any trucks on the lot that were the same and she would get back to me when the ones they had in transit arrived "in a few days" this was roughly three weeks ago.This morning I took the truck to wash it.

While sitting at the light with the truck missing again, I got the sick feeling in my stomach again wondering when the motor will fail. When I got back home I again went to their site, yelp, twitter, Instagram, face-book, car dealer, car fax and basically anywhere I could do a review and posted the story again. Amazingly, about two hours after posting, Linda called again, told me they still did not have any trucks on the lot that they could work with me on, and that she had been out sick. She told me her manager said $6500.00 was what he was looking at me paying, but he had to see my truck first.

I told her again, I had no plans on replacing the truck, their inept service department damaged my truck and I did not think that I should be paying out another $6500.00 for a PAID FOR truck with 5800 miles on it that they damaged the motor on. I will have to finance whatever dollar amount they come up with. Obviously, there will be additional cost for interest on top of that dollar amount.

I should not be in this position, nor should I be out all the time, stress, lost money from work, loss of use of the truck etc., etc. She said they would "make it right" (that seems to be the tag line they use, as every person I have dealt with except the shop foreman has used that exact verbiage, with NO ACTION to back it up) She left it at "I will let you know when we have a truck on the lot we can work with you on."

Original review posted by user Mar 11, 2021

Actually, the experience was well below my expectations, and the second worst service appointment that I have at at Metro. The first being the oil change that the technician left the oil filter loose, allowing the oil to drain from my engine.

Although they did have me come back in and tightened the filter and cleaned up the motor, the motor was still operated for a full day without the proper oil circulation and an unknown amount of oil lubrication to the motor. I had to put over 4 quarts in the motor to get the level to the proper line on the dipstick to drive it to the service center after noticing the puddle of oil under my BRAND NEW truck. I left a 5 star review after that service because the Service Manger was apologetic and supposedly gave me another royal treatment program, which was verbal and I never received in writing, so is of unknown duration and time frame. I had the oil changed again after that incident and pointed out the vibration in the truck while in idle at that time to the service advisor, that was NOT there before the oil leakage incident, was told to drive it and paid to add the "motor friction additive" to the motor at his recommendation to possibly "smooth it back out".

This service was for the same vibration, and after service having the truck for a week, I picked it up yesterday and the vibration/miss is still there.

With an "All Green" document saying that everything was good, no codes or issues. I took the truck back to the service bay after driving about ten miles (which coincidently is the same miles that service put on the truck during diagnosis) and showed Jim Colby the vibration as evidenced by a bottled water in the cup holder. The vibration is extremely evident on the surface of the water, and I can feel the miss from the drivers seat. He agreed that you could see a miss and spoke to the shop manager.

He returned and I was told that the shop manager said it "felt normal to him when he tested it". IT IS NOT NORMAL, I was extremely impressed with the smooth idle of the truck up until the oil filter incident, and even caught myself trying to start the truck while it was already running it was so smooth. That is not the case now. The truck has ~5800 miles on it I have done every oil change based on time, not mileage and I should not be having ANY issues with it.

I was told that I need to bring it back again and drop it off and they would look at it again, judging by the amount of snow in the bed of the truck, and the dirty brush marks and scratches on the hood and top of the cab on the truck. it was outside for the entire week of the storm, not is the shop being serviced. Took the truck back three days later for them to "look" at it again this was on a Friday afternoon, (leaving work early again for this debacle) left it for ANOTHER week, this time I went back on Friday again, only to find my truck out on the "overflow lot" not anywhere near the service area.

I went in and Oklahoma City asked for the General Manager, got a young man that said he was a "Sales Manager" They got the Service Manager, shop Manager and another to a "comparison test" on a similar model, they originally brought around the exact model of my truck to our location on the lot, changed their mind and drove through, returning with a stripped down truck with 20K miles on it to do the comparison. I told them it was not apples to apples, and I wanted the exact truck that they went and re-parked back to compare and was rudely and in a demeaning tone told "this is what we have" Their "taking care of the customer" and making their mistake right was " the vibration is normal and there is nothing we can do about it.

So they cause internal damage to a brand new motor on a 50 thousand dollar truck, through their inept actions, cost me over two full weeks of no truck available, six trips to the dealership and missed work to get them to do what is right and this is how they take care of loyal customers.



Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Metro Ford of OKC Pros: Linda sales people that the sales manager pawned me off on.

Metro Ford of OKC Cons: Will not make their mistakes right, Hallmark of customer service.

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