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I would like to file an official complaint against MedVet Inc. located in Worthington, Ohio (a suburb of Columbus, Ohio) as they are directly at fault for gross negligence and veterinary medical malpractice as they repeatedly mis-dosed my beloved pet pug (Buddha) with the incorrect insulin (both type and dosage) and failed to treat his diabetic complications albeit providing the staff with both the proper directions as well as manufacturer-sealed insulin vial (Novolin 70/30) upon my dog's admission on November 12th, 2020.

The staff REPEATEDLY assured me they would use Novolin 70/30 during his clinic stay as well as requesting that I provide them with Buddha's proper vial of insulin which I did. **The staff at MedVet negligently administered Buddha's insulin as he was medicated with Novolin R, a much longer-acting insulin which directly and solely attributed to his systemic rapid decline resulting in fatality. Buddha was repeatedly overdosed with three IU of Novolin R in lieu of the PROPER AND PRESCRIBED INSULIN, Novolin 70/30 which prescribed dose is TWO IU. **

MedVet's malpractice was directly responsible for sending Buddha into a fatal diabetic ketoacidosis spiral which resulted in a fatality from secondary and tertiary complications less than one week after the admission and discharge from Medvet.

Buddha succombed to his condition 11/17/2020 after The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center team tried tirelessly to correct MedVet's malpractice.

To make matters worse I have witnesses to multiple telephone conversations between myself and Buddha's treatment team during his admission where I REPEATEDLY inquired with both the staff and treatment team making sure that the proper insulin dose and type were being administrated during his hospital stay. I was falsely reassured and LIED TO by the staff at MedVet.

After the deadly malpractice at MedVet my dog was discharged in a rapidly-deteriorating state and MedVet Inc. refused to provide additional services to correct their malpractice. In fact the staff chased me off the property for a reason unbeknownst to me after they refused to provide additional services to Buddha when I attempted to have him re-admitted to MedVet the following day for observation.

I helplessly witnessed Buddha's rapid health decline. At this time I was unaware of MedVet's malpractice and negligence as the staff was not transparent with me regarding Buddha's dire health condition and medication misdosing

The treatment team at MedVet simply communicated to me via multiple phone conversations that "Buddha's glucose levels were all over the place" and that "I needed to increase his insulin dose to 3IU." Had I followed those instructions it would have resulted in Buddha's immediate death.

The following day (11/14/2020) I took my dog to The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center after being refused services at MedVet which is also located in Columbus, Ohio. The veterinary medical staff informed me that Buddha was in advanced stages of Diabetic Ketoacidosis which if was properly treated at MedVet could have arrested Buddha's rapidly deteoriating condition.

I had repeatedly requested that Medvet email Buddha's labs and additional records to no avail until they finally obliged last evening (December 2nd, 2020.) After receiving the lab results I saw that upon admission to MedVet on 11/12/2020 Buddha already had ketones present in his urinalysis screen as well as a significantly elevated leukocyte count indicating an infection which progressed into deadly bilateral opportunistic multi-lobe pneumonia while presenting with a glucose spot check of >;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;500.

The staff at MedVet re-checked his glucose upon my request and despite the dangerously fluctuating readings the MedVet staff did not take Buddha's diabetes mellitus type II into account whatsoever when regarding his systemic health ailments. Buddha was simply treated for neurological symptoms and was discharged negating any endocrinological complications which was the underlying cause of his seizure which prompted me to admit Buddha overnight into the MedVet clinic.

Buddha died as a result of MedVet's malpractice on November 17th, 2020 at The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center after the medical staff at OSU tirelessly attempted to correct MedVet's mistakes.

I have retained an attorney and plan to take legal action against MedVet for their negligence which resulted in a completely avoidable fatality of my beloved Buddha.

Also, the dates are incorrect on the labs saying they were drawn on November 11th when Buddha's admission date was November 12th.

Product or Service Mentioned: Medvet Pet Medical Service.

Location: Warren, Ohio

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We also reside in Columbus, and MedVet administered a known allergen (antibiotic) to our dog during what should have been life-saving surgery. His surgery was a success, and recovery was projected to go well.

They called us a couple of hours later and told us that he suddenly wasn't doing well and needed a transfusion to give him a chance. We made it there just in time to say goodbye. We watched as they scrambled to save him.

We're having difficulty finding an attorney who takes on veterinary malpractice. If you can share, that would be great.

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