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I have waited so long to post this because I have been waiting for the DC Department of Health to act on my complaint to the Dental Supervisory Board, but since they are being dilatory about it I will post it now anyway,

Last October I went to Washoington DC's Medstar Hospital Center's oral surgery department to get some teeth extracted that an ordinary

dentist refused to pull because he claimed they needed "surgical removal". I had gotten a set of panorama and local X-rays made of my teeth to show the oral surgeon.

On October 4 I went to Medstar for an examination of the situation, where they also made X-rays. The attending doctor, a female named "Shastri", told me they would need to be "surgically" extracted---- which doesn't necessarily mean cutting them out but also prying them out of the socket bone instead of simply pulling them. I had NEVER had that done by an "oral surgeon" before and I guess because I didn't like the connotation of "surgeon" I was naturally a little trepidatious and asked her if it would mean any possible bone removal if the teeth proved difficult. She told me it would BUT "not much".

She also gave me the impression that she would be the one doing it. She was a middle-age Indian lady who I had confidence in from her obvious tenure and experience. When I went back for the operation the one who was going to do it INSTEAD was a girl of MUCH LESSER experience named Sandrobovitch. She actually did a good job with the bottom ones, including the most difficult of all--- a rear molar, the "wisdom" tooth.

BUT, unbeknownst to me until I got home and removed the cotton packing from my mouth, she BOTCHED the removal of the MUCH EASIER upper ones by ABRADING AWAY

ALL the dental socket bone and INexplicably leaving one decayed tooth needing removal in the protruding stump of bone between the gaps!! THIS was INexcusable as ALL the X-rays had shown (INCLUDING THEIR OWN!) there was NO sign of bone degeneration from infection to warrant ANY removal of dental socket bone, MUCH LESS almost the ENTIRE RIDGE!! And Dr. Shastri had told me IF there was to be any it would be at the MOST "a little"!!

This is going to make the fitting of dentures practically IMPOSSIBLE and I CAN'T chew anymore AT ALL on that side!! To understand the effect of what

she did, imagine a skull not only missing teeth BUT MISSING THE BONE into which they fit, so it looks like the mouth bone has been chipped or broken away. Which is basically WHAT SHE DID because I noticed she was scraping away VIGOROUSLY at the upper teeth when removing them UNlike she did for the bottom ones. And AFTER THAT she gave me a maliciously amused kind of expression, as if to say "Screw you!" I will NOT go back there again for oral surgery.


THIS was NOT an ordinary case of reckless malfeasance or negligence. I went to complain to the "Patient Advovcate's" Office and told them I wanted to arrange with the supervisory doctor of the department, Abib, to do any further work on

me. I also wanted to talk to him about what happened. I LOST confidence in him when he looked at my mouth and claimed he "SAW NOTHING WRONG" with what she had done!!

INCREDIBLE! After that, I went to submit a complaint to the hospital administration for intervention. I thought Sandrobovitch, if not Shastri as well, should be disciplined and felt there had been some collusion betweenthe two about this because when the girl had finished on me she looked kind of concerned for some (THEN unknown to me) reason and went to get the supervisory doctor Shastri to look at her work. She came back telling me she wasn't coming since it was close to closing time.

The director referred my issue to the ""risk management" office which investigates such complaints of malpractice. The senior agent there, Kevin McCarthy, called me a month later and asked me what was wrong since all the doctors involved that he had spoken to told him the job "went well" and my mouth "was fine". I explained the situation of the effect and the X-ray corroboration of the INexcusability of her action and sent him the evidence. He did NOT return my subsequent phone calls to follow up about the investigation and made himself UNavailable to speak with.

Granted, this was during the beginning of the "pandemic", but when I went to the office I was always told to come back when he was available.

So the "pandemic" DOES NOT excuse what subsequently

happened. The last time I went I was ARRESTED for TRESPASSING at a "PRIVATE" institution (it's PUBLIC) and BANNED from retunring because they "had finished any business" with me and "all was resolved" so I was not to come back about it anymore! THIS WILL have to settle in a COURT.

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User's recommendation: DON'T go to Washington Medstar Hospital Center's oral surgery department!

Preferred solution: CULPRITS PUNISHED.

Location: 100 Irving Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20010

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