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On May 29 2021 I bought the Hexgears X-1 Keyboard for $137.28. On March 4 2022 I started having problems with the keyboard.

The battery wasn't working properly. The keyboard did not turn on with the battery, it only turned on if I connected it with its cable to the computer so that it received power. Since I was inside my one-year warranty I contacted Customer Support. I sent the keyboard for repair on March 24.

On April 15 I received the keyboard. Since I received it, I started to have problems again but this time it was the Bluetooth connection and the RGB lighting. I tried everything I could to try to connect it to the computer but didn't worked. Also, the RGB lights wasn't working properly.

Once again, I contacted Customer Supp. He said I needed to send it back for repair. Obviously the keyboard wasn't working properly so it needed to be sent back being that the 2nd time I had to do it in less than 2 months. Since I was still inside my warranty I sent the keyboard back for repair on May 20.

On June 30, I received the keyboard. I did nothing more than open the box and the keyboard's hard case and I find that the ESC key is damaged/broken and half of the lights where not turning on. I immediately contacted Customer support explained the situation and attached a lot of pictures and videos as proof of what I was saying. It was evident that a broken keyboard has been sent to me in return because the warranty ended.

Aaron then replied: "You are outside the one year warranty and we have broken the seal on three brand new keyboards and shipping costs to fulfill that warranty. There is a chance that the brand new replacement that you just received was damaged in shipping but to be honest it looks like you just pulled it out yourself in a last ditch effort for a refund." He accused me of damaging the keyboard myself, that's total disrespect. This is the 3rd time in less than 4mo. the keyboard needs repair.

I also emailed the CEO Mr. Joel Tubre and he haven't respond. Also, none of the keyboards that were sent to me were "new", they were refurbished/used. I have proof of it.

Secondly, before I sent the keyboard back for repair the second time, I asked for a refund being INSIDE my one year warranty and it was denied. Clearly, a broken keyboard was sent to me because they knew my warranty was going to be over by the time I receive it back. On top of that, I immediately contacted the manager (Aaron Taylor) and send him pictures and videos as proof that I received it broken and he took that to call me a liar and accused me of having broken it myself. That's completely disrespectful and unacceptable.

He has no right to do that. I email him back and told him that if I was treating him with respect I expected the same in return and asked him to apologized and he ignored me and NEVER replied back. Also, the manager himself told me and I quote: "If the unlikely event that the keyboard is not in full working order when you receive it, please notify us within 30 days or we would be unable to assist you." So I did, the same exact day I received it, and you can see what happened. I just need a properly working keyboard to work and now I don't have a keyboard, the company got $137.28 and I don't have money to buy another one.

Nobody wants to take responsibility. The company can't send me a broken keyboard, accuse me of breaking it, stay with my money and leave it like that.

I even sent the keyboard for repair and they don't want to repair it.

Here some youtube links showing the keyboard as proof of what I said. Please watch them.



User's recommendation: DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM! The company is a scam. They send used/refurbished products and call them "new", if you have a damaged product and send them for repair they will say to you the technicians didn't find anything wrong with it and that you are a liar or maybe they will say that you break it yourself for a refund. They won't give you a refund and won't repair your products. On top of that the manager was extremely disrespectful accusing me and never apologized. He even ignored my emails. The CEO also ignored me. This company is garbage, they are stealing people's money.

Monetary Loss: $137.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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