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i ordered the "starter kit" from Meaningful Beauty for $39.95 on 12/17/12, with the next shipment of a 90-day supply for $140.11 supposedly being sent 30 days later (tho' the receipt said "you can expect your next kit to be shipped around 1/21/13, and it will be charged to your account ending in ...."--which is more than 30 days). i couldn't stand the fragrance in all of the products except for the eye serum & called on 1/15/13 (29 days after the orig.

shipment) to cancel before the 90-day supply would be sent. i was told that the next shipment was "in process", shipment could NOT be stopped, i would be charged $140.11, it would take approx. 2 weeks to receive the shipment, then i would have to return it, & a refund would be processed in 4-6 weeks AFTER they received the return. i asked why they were processing the next order before the 30 days was up & they said "don't know", so i asked for a supervisor--which they tried to talk me out of.

they did, however, transfer me to a supervisor who did agree to stop the charge of $140.11 if i PROMISED not to open the shipment & either gave it back to the postal delivery person or took it to the post office to return it ASAP. she said the reason they were processing it early was because it took about a week to actually ship it out (hence the "your next kit to be shipped around 1/21/13" statement).

i think that, to start a process that will result in a $140.11 charge 28 days after you order a 30 day supply & then to set it up so that they get to keep that money for up to 8 weeks, is highly deceptive. you should also note that nearly everything has a strong "perfumy" fragrance--not great for anyone who has allergies or doesn't want to wear perfume on her face.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set.

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