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When requesting a single unit of the product (socalled 1 month supply) I explicitly declined a monthly renewal and repeated my refusal very emphatically ... and lo and behold I was processed as a monthly client and billed on my credit card

... great marketing ... brought to you by a morally bankrupt company

Sad to tinkthat Cindy Crawford has NOT publicly distanced herself from this firm and started a lawsuit seeking compensation for defamation of her business image by association.

The customer service rep who took my phone call attempted to act surprised by the 'error in processing' and promised a refund with the return of the product

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I too was just dooped into this scam after seeing endless commercials on TV. I should have been smarter because Christie Brinkley did the same thing 2 years ago with her skin care product, which sucked too.

She has since stopped and i could not even find her website. Here is her BBB report

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