As I sit here trying to read the complaints on this product, I find it difficult. People, please....invest in a dictionary.

Better yet, take a basic spelling and grammar class. Communication would greatly improve if this was taken into consideration. It would also make it 100 times easier to know what the problem was with the product instead of trying to decode misspelled words. Most computers are equipped with a handy function called "spell check"....use it.

Please. Stop spending your money on useless products and get an education.

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Having some spine and telling off rude idiots IS NOT lowering yourself to their level my friend. Its called SELF ESTEEM!


And you please invest in a mental health professional because you have OCD. I think most adults educated or not dont obsess on things that do not pertain to this site.

This IS NOT english class and its also not an advertise your dumb hang ups site. You should focus on staying on task and paying attention to what this site is..A COMPLAINT SITE!!!! If all you have to do is be a grammar nazi you are on the WRONG site. Get a degree and teach or become an editor.

After you get meds for your OCD. good luck.


Great, the grammar police. You can tell what these folks mean for goodness sake.

If you are looking for proper English, you best get off the internet lady. None of these creams and or potions work ladies, all they do is separate you from your money.

Me thinks the grammar lady just needs to get laid. Carry on...


Really lets not cross the line. & please don't lower ur self to her level

Have a good & blessed day


You forgot the space between "please" and "stop." "Please.Stop" is incorrect. Maybe you should check yourself. I wonder how *** you must feel for shaming others from your ivory tower when you are no better.


Not good, don't lower ur self to her level. Just roll ur eyes & look away. It will catch up with her.

Have a good & blessed day

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