Vista, California

Watched Cindy C and all of the other Celebs talk about this wonderful program and products... placed the order over the phone and was assured MANY times that the total I was being charged was only $46.65 - just got the email and they charged me $150.00....!!!

I called their customer service and complained...

they said sorry - just return the product with a letter and we will refund your CC.....Unbelievable....

DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT and SHAME on these "HollyWood" people for promoting this scam. Scams like this should be reviewed by television stations before they are allowed to air...

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set.

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Why don't you report them to the BBB?


I ordered a 3 month supply and had a 60 day money back guarantee. The product did not work for me at all so as per their instructions I returned everything including the so called free gifts within 48 days.

After about a month I emailed them to see when I was going to receive my refund and they said it had already been 60 days or they would have gladly refunded my money. I told them I had documents that proved that they received the product before the 60 days and they sent me back the same email. I guess they don't even read the emails.

Will not ever purchase from this company again. Apparently, they do not realize the value of trust.

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