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I quit.

The television ads show the full-size bottles and tubes. What you get as an introduction to the plan is supposed to be what they show, yet it is the small, sample size. RIPOFF.

They send products and charge your card each month. Fine if you get what you order. BUT, you cannot order JUST what you want. You must order at least three products, whether you need that much or not. RIPOFF.

I wanted to pay the full amount by check after the first third was charged. They cashed my $88 check and continued to bill my card. RIPOFF and FRAUD.

The product they sent me when it was supposed to be three full 1-ounce sized containers was not the 1 oz size but the 0.5 oz size. Paying full price and getting half? RIPOFF and FRAUD.

When I called to get my order fixed, the person I spoke with apologized and said she would send the full 1 oz sizes to make up for the error at NO CHARGE. Fine. They sent the introductory sample size…AGAIN! Still not what I ordered. RIPOFF.

Called again. Another apology. They would send the correct product and I should just keep the erroneous introductory package for NO COST. OK. I offered to return it. No, “Keep it”. NO Charge. That is fair.

I just got a bill for the “FREE” stuff! RIPOFF.

When I called to cancel the entire program, I got scolded for ordering what I ordered and she said the TV ads showed the sample sizes. LIAR, LIAR.

NUTS to Cindy and her ripoff business.

Reason of review: ALL of the above ex dam'd and late.

Preferred solution: I want NOTHING. Just cancel me out of that ripoff program.

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Guthy R

Our Corporate Customer Service Escalation Team would like to assist. If you could please take one last step and fill out this form: we will contact you directly to help get this issue resolved. Thank you.

@Guthy R

I've been reading all the junk about meaningful beauty. You guys need to change your name to meaningless beauty, seriously.

After reading all these complaints I'll be sure never to buy your junk. That's a promise!

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