Erie, Pennsylvania
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I decided to order this product after debating for some time. I called and ordered the one time 30 day supply at a cost of 59.95.

The next day while checking my online credit card statement I saw charges from Meaningful Beauty for 71.29 each totaling over 200.00 for my 30 day supply!!! I called my credit card company and they confirmed I had been charged 3 times for the one 30 day supply order. I then called Meaningful Beauty and they stated they "only saw one charge" for their 30 day supply of the product. They insisted to fix it they would need to see the charges on my statement.

Since I would have to wait 20 more days to even get the statement that meant they would have over 200.00 of my money for at least 30 days or longer before they would refund me the money!! What a scam!!! Watch out !!

over 200.00 for a 30 day supply?? That's quite a charge for a 30 day supply!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Subscription.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Did you ever get this resolved? It hasn't been 20 days yet, but you can print out a copy of the charges or get your bank to send you one if they won't accept a home print out.

I would recommend that you don't give them a copy of your entire statement. That is none of their business. Can you take a snapshot of the charges and email that to them? Or save the page to a file and attach it to an email?

Please reply to my comment and let me know how this turns out. Best of luck,



I'm glad I saw this BEFORE giving them a call. I had been going back and forth, for YEARS, trying to decide if the product might be worth it.

I'm glad I didn't! THANK YOU for sharing your information.

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