San Jose, California

I saw the add for meaningful beauty and called right away. They took my information charged my account the next day but I waited over 2 week period and still no products.

I called customer service and she said to use my tracking number to track my package. I stated you check my status with the tracking number you provided. At that point I stated i'm not going to chase a product that was suppose to be received by now at this point i'm done. Not willing to go above and beyond on a delivery service they use that is representing them by making sure we receive our products?!

The bucket was basically put on me! ridiculous! i'm in customer service and this is unacceptable!. She then said she would re send a new order with an affidavit for not receiving the first order.

I checked my account and got another charged mind you it's been a MONTH and no affidavit and no products with no follow ups. I called again to cancel everything i just want my money back. I have to wait for an inconvenient affidavit to get my money back! Get your delivery services to pick up the product using the tracking number to get it back.

I have completely lost trust and don't believe in the integrity of this company. I've never been so upset!

They have no ability to retain business from an upset customer by being more accommodating. I would reconsider who you're using for your deliveries as a business stand point.

Monetary Loss: $110.

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Outrageous. Call the Better Business Bureau and them. A class action lawsuit is in store. The business practices of GR are shady at best. They use well-known and trusted celebrities to hawk this junk, then make it impossible to cancel or receive a refund. FREE TRIAL MY *** They are stealing money, and we need to call them out on their criminal business practices. And shame on Cindy Crawford. She has publically stated that she received cosmetic procedures including Botox. She is using the trust people have in her to take advantage of people who simply want to look a little younger.

The infomercial itself is misleading. The so-called youth guru comes out as if he has found the secret to aging. We are to believe he walks through the south of France looking at melons, and found one that didn't decompose as fast as another. Yeah right. I'd like to see the proof on that claim. And the melon extract is supposed to contain a magical serum that will help fight aging, reduce wrinkles, and make everyone look amazing. If that were the case, it would be the biggest news in the medical community. Ever. But apparently only HE has the secret melons...c'mon. He presents himself as someone who caters to celebrities only, and has line stretching around the earth just to make appointments. Reality check. He is a greedy man who takes advantage of insecure women. Google him. He was known as the BOTOX doc, not the youth guru.

It sickens me that this kind of scam is endorsed by Cindy, Valerie, etc. The product ingredients do not even contain ingredients that are proven effective in reversing fine lines. It is simply a skin care cleanser and moisturizer, that if used routinely will make the skin slightly softer and more plump because it causes the skin to retain water. You can get the same product at any drug store over-the-counter. It's a moisturizer. Olay does a better job.

I think the false claims of the product, coupled with the fact that there is no FREE anything about it, are more than enough grounds for a lawsuit.

Then the youth guru will be shown for what he is, and Cindy will be forced to admit in open court that she has had cosmetic surgery / procedures that have helped her looking young.

You have every right to be pissed, and should follow up with threats of revealing this for what it is: greedy scam that preys on trusting women.

Best of luck to you!!


I have been receiving my Meaningful Beauty for a year. Due to Financial Hardship, I had to cancel my order.

I tried online, would not allow it, I called Customer Service and they suggested to put my account on hold until May 2014 with the understanding of no more shipments or payments taken out of my account. BTW, I had not received 2 of the last shipments before I had spoken with the Customer Service. The C.S assured me I would be refunded $93.90 for the past products not received. Today I received another shipment and $58.60 was taken out of my account causing a overdraft.

Called C.C again, and was on the phone for 45 mins. Now, I need to return the product wait 4-6 wks for refund and also wait for the affidavits to arrive so I can fill them out and send back and wait another 4-6 wks for that refund. I took my account off of hold and cancelled completely due to the customer service although I Loved the products. Oh, and BTW, they will not send any emails confirming your arrangements because they have the "recording" yeah, I pointed that out regarding my last conversation and all she could say, "I am sorry for the inconvenience ma'am".

The product is wonderful, but the headaches from their Customer Service is not worth the money spent for the Quality of the product. When dealing with customer service ages you more than the product takes years off...what's the point of purchasing the product?

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