Woodland Hills, California
Not resolved

When I ordered thought I was receiving 30 day trial with one time charge of 63.44. Now I'm being billed every month $49.95 for 90 day order.

After trying product for 30 days not impressed, then saw I was being billed again, definitely going back. Also the size of products can't imagine will last 90 days, it's not worth a $164. It's too bad that a big company like this is not straight forward in their infomercials.

I have read on other sites people experiencing same problem. Spoke to Company said sorry you misunderstood, want me to return product & they will credit my account, hopefully they do!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I was told I was getting 1 month but they shipped and charged me 3 months. The 3 months supply were only twice as big as the one month supply.

Just curious did the product worked for anybody?


Did meaningful beauty ever refund your money. Because they wouldn't do that for me.

I had the bank flag them or whatever they do and shut my card down. Cancel your card before they charge over $300 dollars like they did me. You must of misunderstood. Yea right.

I guess we all did. I looked for fine print it's not there.

This was about four years ago though. Good luck

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