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i asked my daughter to give me a gift last x-mas. 2011 and she ordered the beauty products in this company but i was suddenly changed my mind because she was just working in a small supermarket and her salary will not meet the other needs, so we called and cancelled 15 minutes after we ordered.

the customer service agreed but suddenly the amount was been charge already to my daughter for a matter of minutes. we received the product 31st of December and returned it 31st same day at 12:45 pm. with the confirmation no.

They received the returned product on January 03, 1912. I called for a refund but up to this moment their not answering my call.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set.

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I have dealing with Meaningful for almost a year to resolve a return product and them sending me to collection. Even though they acknowlage they have the return product they are still trying to collect $143.24.

I have a stack of collection letters and phone bills from being on hold with this company. Just stay away from this company.

Bad, bad news. Wish I had read some reviews before going down this road.


My wife love this product, but we finally had to cancel because they kept charging us when they weren't supposed to. Most recently, we returned the package because we didn't order it and they said we'd get a refund.

A month or so later no refund so we called them only to find out they didn't receive the package in time for the 30 day guarantee, but they said since they kept the money they'd resend us the package. Now we find out that they've resent the package, but charged us for that package which we've ALREADY paid for. Stay away from this company.

It's too bad they CHOOSE to resort to these credit card tactics when they don't need to. They have a good product, just a horribly, dishonest order processing group.


I had ordered a special order that was sent to me and taken out of my account the same day. There was not suppose to be any more monies that was suppose to be taken out of my checkingj!

The next month they took a second payment out of my account and I was overdrawn! I called customer service very upset, and they said they would put the money back, and that it would take 3 to 5 business days. The sixth day I called them back and they said that the refund didn't go through!! I demanded to have the money returned that day, but no...they said it would take another 3 to 5 business days!!

I will never place another order with co. The worst customer service EVER!! Ripopffs!!!

These people are very uneducated and not trained to do their jobs correctly and efficiently!! :( :( :(


I just called Meaningful Beauty to place a order.. They asked for my name, and then went straight to my credit card.

I stopped them and said can you please explain what I am getting, because I want to confirm. They did. It was weird how quick they were to get my credit card information. So I stopped and went to research them on line.


I will pass on purchasing this product. It's not so innocent as it appears on television.

PS: Roy you sound like a complete ***!!!!!


I think Roy has an agenda. I think he works for the Chinese web store that ripped me off at Christmas.


He sure talks the same way they do. Same kind of entitled attitude also.


Roy, you are a complete ***. You should avoid, at all costs, posting comments any where and any time.

The only way a comment from you would ever gain any credibility in a forum like this would be if you paid someone to type it for you in a grammatically correct format, but since I was able to decipher your ridiculous attempt at making your point above, I will say this in Lourdes' defense - my wife has spent the last three months patiently trying to work with Meaningful Beauty representatives to also process a refund, but every phone call and every attempt takes her further down the rabbit hole. Its that rabbit hole that has led me to you Roy - researching other people's reviews and experiences with Meaningful Beauty has confirmed that my wife's failed attempts to resolve this matter in a diligent way are not isolated to her, but appear to be just the way that Meaningful Beauty does business.

People and businesses earn their reputation based on the way the treat other people and consumers alike - I would expect bad reviews about Meaningful Beauty to continue to pour in... but I do not expect Lourdes, my wife, or any other poor consumer who has fallen victim to Meaningful Beauty's toxic business practices to receive a refund for the unopened and unused goods they have returned to vendor and rightfully deserve.


You should have sued them dont just sit their and do nothing


I'm sorry, but; I think that before your daughter make any order doesn't matter what, need to be conscientious that what she is doing.

When you use a credit card sometimes is difficult to stop the processing even 30 min before. And the refund gonna take after you return the product. Depend the credit card source maybe take 2 weeks.

I'm not related to this company, but; this review look from a lady who mom forget to give a candy and start crying.

I'm believe you already have your refund, but; didn't write in your review, because; you like to damage a reputation of honest people, sorry for you

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