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I despise ordering things I line as I fear I will deal with idiots, well I bought a months supply of meaningful beauty for my moms birthday. I used a pre paid credit card and the dyslexic sales attendant out 4718 instead of 4817 for the address and I never recieved my package.

I called bak to find out what happened, upon finding he address mistake I give the correct address and the sales attendant tells me the adress is chaned and my priduct will be sent out. I forget about it and remember in mid October after expecting it in late August. So I call back and I am told that the product was returned and my card refunded before the address change, and that the sales girl should have told me this. They won't process another order unless I give the last 4 digits of the card here's the locker it was a prepaid MasterCard you get at the gas station and I made this order in early July so naturally It has been discarded.

Now because of the customer services incompetence I am out 50 bucks and my mom never hot her birthday present. *** this product and *** the mom caring and incompetent customer service who's empty " I'm sorries" make you want to vomit.

Make sure you cross your T's and sit your I's because this company iesnt give a *** about correcting their mistakes.

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first problem is get an education and learn how to spell, second don't be a dumb *** and use a prepaid card... get on with insurance why are people so *** now days???


It sounds like you are blame with a lot of the issues. Own it. You should read all the information first, it clearly states what the program entails.

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