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I am still getting billed and now by Collection Agency!!! Are you kidding me???

Even though I called and they agreed that I pay monthly payments until my balance is 0! They still reported to collection agency!! WAY TO GO Ripping people off, Ms. CRAWFORD or whomever is doing this on your behalf!!!

I am surprised you allow your name to be ruined doing this!! I will let EVERYONE Know of this scam, so as to prevent other honest people like myself from getting ripped off!!!

It is the least we can do. People, PLEASE read these reviews before you order this product!!!

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Total scam!!!! Return shipping costs more than products full price. SCAM!


I have been reading all of the negative reviews regarding Meaningful Beauty customer service. How customers have cancelled all future orders but keep receiving them and STILL getting charged.

I was weary after I cancelled as well because of this. So I called Discover and had them give me a completely new account number. Everything switches over seamlessly and you receive a new card in 4-6 days.

I feel much better now because even if Meaningful Beauty tries to charge my account, it won't go through! I suggest this for anyone who is in the common bind with this sneaky company.


Are you kidding me indeed. I have to say I love this product, and have had excellent service.

My only complaint is that I can't buy it on demand in a store.

It has made visible improvements and my skin is softer than it has been in years. Sorry but I can't complain!


I agree! I haven't had any negative encounters with this company.

Very pleasant customer service! :) Was shocked by all of the negative reviews..


I bought MB. Did not like the product and mailed it back - almost full bottles and gifts including.

After 5 weeks I called them to see where my refund was and they told me that they haven't received anything, therefore I am not entitled to my refund...

Do not buy the product. Poor quality of product as well as customer service.

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