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I wish SO BADLY I would have read more reviews about this before trying it! Returned product - (it doesn't work, and if it does, I noticed NOTHING) - and still they have been charging me CONSTANTLY each month, claiming "that's just the way the installments work".....I have called already 2 times and CLOSED and CANCELLED my account - on their website you actually CANNOT delete your credit card on file!!! It does not let you!

Warning - read your paperwork really really well! The product's next shipment is like $137, and they start taking your money in monthly installments. (that, with the vitamins that are like another $120. And these 2 charges are both on top of your first 'trial' of $49) I returned the product by just "refusing" the shipment - apparently that is the wrong way to return the product, and it basically means the company can claim they never got it, and that is after they wait 4 to 6 weeks for it, tell you they need some type of claim affidavit form (that does not exist anywhere on their website and supposedly they mailed it to me, which I conveniently have never received). The whole time, they keep charging my account.

I am going to the bank tomorrow and cancelling my credit card and filing a complaint through my bank - I don't know WHAT WILL STOP THIS COMPANY FROM TAKING MY MONEY CONTINUOUSLY!!!!!!!!!! If that doesn't work, I'm ready to hire a lawyer. It is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish that I could see Cindy Crawford in person, and inform her that I think she is a horrible person for getting rich off poor defenseless suckers like me!!!! I'm so glad to know she's getting rich off this pathetic way of running a business. A MILLION "THUMBS DOWN" to you Cindy. I will NEVER think good of you, or your business, and will tell EVERYONE I KNOW.

Monetary Loss: $310.

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I never ordered because I read the ingredients before , (but I work in skin care) my sis ordered- she's going through the same nightmare

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