Calgary, Alberta

I got the trail of this product, however when they shipped the goods I had to hunt it down. As the shipping company made no attempt to deliver it to my place. Instead dumped it in a depot the other side of the city.

I contacted meaningful beauty to request that if they insisted on using this company could they at least send me the tracking number so I knew I had to attempt to collect it.

However they failed to do this numerous times and I cancelled the product because it was to much of a headache. The last shipment I completely missed it and it got returned and I asked it got resent.

During this process this messed up my refund and recharged me. When I got an unexpected charge I questioned it, I found out I had been over charged. So asked for a refund. I got sent the same email saying they wouldn't cause it was past 60 days. I pointed out I was asking for a refund of the product just the over charge. I even sent them a breakdown of what they said I had been charged versus the reality.

They kept sending me back completely pointless emails, refusing to refund. I am still fighting this and am incredibly angry as I never had anissue with the product but the useless customer service and shipping have made it all to painful.

The thing that makes me so mad is that the value is so insignificant to them and have wasted the money sending me pointless emails, clearly not reading what I have sent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Shipping Service.

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