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Hello everyone go to your bank and call your credit card statements and file a dispute with them bring your evidence and give dates of calling numerous of times asking to be canceled and not to be billed anymore... most likely it will be found in your favor!

You probably will want to cancel whatever card you have used and order a new one in the meanwhile! I have filed one with both my credit card company/bank in the pastfor other things so i know it works!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Same thing happened to me. My cc was charged without my authorization.

Called C/S many times no result. I filed a complaint and my proof, my CC company reversed the charges. They are inept or don't give a ****. Their C/S is overseas.

The management here in the US should review customer complaints and take action.

Cindy is probably too busy on herself and no time for her customers.

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