Halifax, Nova Scotia
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This company is slimy and dishonest.

I saw an offer for $x, and phoned in my purchase, using a credit card to make a one-time payment.

In the meantime, I saw the same offer for $10 less...my bad luck.

Box with all arrived a few weeks later.

The product did not work.....I ran an experiment, tried it for 2 months on left side of my face, and asked my book-club to judge...they all voted that the right side looked better ! So, I was getting around to returning it.

However, I noticed further charges on my credit card.

When I called (no mean feat ---to get to the "complaints" line !), I was told to look at the invoice which came with box. Sure enough, the invoice said "3 payments", totalling twice the advertised price, and snide person said "I fail to see how you did not see that". My reply to him was "There were 7 pieces of literature all together with that box, and I had no reason to assume you would be invoicing me for a delivery which was different from what I had ordered, and had no reason to take an hour to read all to see if you were cheating me".

They are disgusting; setting me up, covering themselves with paper, but knowing I would be mis-led.....is there no recourse for this fraud.

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YES! There is!!

Call them and demand they honor the Three Month "trial" and "return at no charge". Make them credit your card. Keep calling and calling! they got me and I never PLACED the ORDER!

I was disconnected and they Charged my card!!

I am on my 2nd atempt to get my money back and if I don't see it I will contact my Card Company with all of the information I have gatherd from here and OTHER Sites!!

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