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I received my first and only kit in December. In March I contacted MB and inquired about a 2nd kit; was assured an order was being processed, but in April I noticed more money deducted from my account and still no 2nd kit.

I contacted MB again and requested all cancellations, was told I would have to complete an affidavit, and it would be mailed to my address. Beginning of May, another deduction and no product or affidavit. I called once more and told them about the deduction. Their representative said an affidavit would not be necessary and money would be refunded within a few days.

Today is the 15th, I called again, this representative told me I had to complete the affidavit and it would be mailed within a week or two.

I figure we are paying Cindy Crawford's payroll with these cancellations that continue to be deducted from our bank accounts and no products.

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Do what i did and cancel your card. They try to threaten me on the phone, and told them i did not buy into their nastiness.

Said it was being processed and that they could not cancel, told them that i could and cancelled the card. The buisness is corrupt and nasty people to deal with.

Did not do what she said it does any way.

Found out on the next shipment that. they charge you for each piece, and that the 39.95 was only for the first shipment it is a scam BE WARE DO NOT ORDER Elizabeth

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