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Women Who Purchased Meaningful Beauty Package "DEAL," please join me in sending an email, or make a phone call, to your state Attorney General. Meaningful Beauty accounts are a scam!!! If you were tricked into ordering "BRIO," you were caught in another skin care scam!

Please do not sit back and pay what they are saying you must pay and pay it out of your credit card "when they want it." Please send a message to the Dr. Oz Show, your Attorney General, Guthy Renker; and please, encourage others to post on this web page and the site.

These scams are occurring too often, and thousands of women are paying for products they do not like, cannot use, and cannot afford (in the way that they want you to pay).

Please help each other: speak up!!!!!

Reason of review: Scamming to rush total payment, which violates the upon purchase agreement. Contacting Florida Attorney General..

Preferred solution: Honor the upon purchase agreement as stated at time of purchase and stop scamming female consumers!.

Meaningful Beauty Cons: As stated in my review.

  • Meaningful Beauty bad service
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