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Ordered the Meaningful beauty Cindy Crawford skin care line, in it was bottle of vitamins ,cancelled any future deliverys but kept receiving vitamins I never ordered in the first place, mailed them back was assured I would not be billed again, guess what another charge this month, you can not cancel no matter how many times you call. They switch you from one dept to another and all assure you it will be stopped.

Do not try this skin care line it is lousy and the hassle with the vitamins are not worth it. I ordered it in Jan and am still receiving charges each month.

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I am so glad to hear the truth from real customers. It is so unfortunate so many celebs take advantage of people.

If it sounds to good to be true?

Then RUN! Everyone should share this on all social media before anymore good people can be taken advantage of everyday!


FRAUD!!!!!! I want to cancell this since february 2013 and till now I am receiving debits and ZERO vitamins.

PLEASE STOP CHARGING ME.... by the way, the vitamin does not work. ***. Awful Awful Awful service.

you guys owe me 6x USD 32,94.

please send my money back. :cry

@Adriana Guerra MAganhotto

Stop these people from advertising!


me too.. same thing just happened to me...


When I ordered the vitamins they only cost $2.99 with free shipping, which was fine. Then I was billed another $32.00 a month later and then another $32.00 the next month.

I had called the previous month and had them canceled but they still sent them and debited my account causing an overdraft two months in a row. The customer service rep. I spoke with was very smug and it seemed like the whole conversation was a joke. I am really disappointed that a company who represents Cindy Crawford's name on their products is so condescending.

Plus, not only did the debit for the vitamins cause an overdraft and a fee of $35.00 it also slowed down the processing of other bills that were schedule to be paid and made them late. Now I have to pay late fees for all of those bills.

I guess the word "customer service" doesn't take precedence over the "customer service rep.", who definitely need more on hands training when dealing with customers. In the end it is all about money, money, money!


This same thing happened to me! I've been charged since march.

I never wanted the *** vitamins. I never agreed to them, never ordered them, and never kept them.

I went ballistic on them on monday and today they credited my credit card back $164.70 after being patronized about not canceling them when I called EVERY MONTH! DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT!


Same with me! I guess I will have to cancel my card # and get a new one! Which sucks....


The exact same thing is happening to me!!! Horrible!

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