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Last year I bought the starter kit (includes 5 products) but after 2 months was not satisfied. I called them and told them I wanted my money back.

They tried to talk me into keeping the current supply but I insisted they take it back and return my money. I paid for shipping and in about a week I found the full amount credited back to my card. In September of this year I decided to try it again and included 2 more products (total of 7 now). I have been consistently using it morning and night for 2 months now.

The product does make my skin softer but I can't really see where it has helped reduce anything.

It's a bit pricey at $56 a month for 3 months so I'm currently looking for something else. Also, a 5 to 7 step process morning and night seems a bit much.

Reason of review: Reliable warranty.

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Just an FYI you can purchase their products at Ulta or Sephora and you do not have to sign up for the auto reorder or deal with the pushy sales pitch

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