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Do not even bother ordering this product.

The chemical that comes from the "magical french melon" breaks down as soon as it comes in contact with oxygen.

You're paying more money for something that is not present within the system.

I ordered meaningful beauty on August 30th 2013 (within the order there is a place where you can write a note. The note I wrote was telling them not to charge me for the 90-day supply unless I call them and order it because I'd like a chance to try the product first with no obligations...), I was billed $39.99. But then the payment was put back into my account on September 6th 2013, $45.19 was then taken out on the same day.

I called and cancelled after my 30-day basic supply because the face wash dries out your face, the night cream is greasy and comes off in chunks, the eye cream doesn't even work, and the day cream made me break out... the only thing I liked was the clay face mask but it only came in the 30-day supply apparently.

The account was not cancelled, I was billed $68.55 on October 1st 2013 for the 90-day kit.

So I called and cancelled AGAIN.

About a month later I started receiving mail that said I owed them $79.98... Even though I didn't order anything else... So I called and cancelled in November because I thought they were going to send me another package. The girl on the phone didn't give me any information regarding why I was charged again. She just said "We're terribly sorry, I've cancelled your account. Thank you so much have a nice day."

I continued to receive mail threatening me to pay or be contacted by collections.

So I sent about ten different emails, one for every piece of mail with absolutely no responses.

Customer service is apparently non-existent.

I should note... I have Severe Social Anxiety so talking on the phone is really difficult for me, I prefer to contact companies through email if I'm having a problem or a question. Every single other company I have ever e-mailed contacted me back via e-mail within 1-week.

So I finally built up the courage and called them today (April 29th 2014) and here they inform me for the first time that they do everything in three "easy" payments.... uh what?

Three payments of 68.55? That's $205!!!! I don't think they have a single kit that costs $205.

The 90-day supply costs $119...

Even two payments of $68.55 would be $137.10

But I got charged $68.55 and on top of that they want $79.98, that equals $148.53. That is $29.53 MORE than the 90-day basic supply (which is what I ended up receiving despite cancelling three times.)

The girl on the phone told me "The 90-day supply costs $149.85"

When I looked at the site I found that price is for the DELUXE 90-day supply... but the sent me the 90-day BASIC supply...

So I told her I wasn't informed of the "three payments" but the prices don't add up. All she said was there is nothing she can do but cancel my account because apparently it still hadn't been cancelled (no kidding).

I am being forced to pay $79.98 for THEIR mistakes.

I called several times to cancel, sent several e-mails, was charged for a product I did not receive and I didn't even want the product I did receive.

I wasn't even informed of the 60-day return policy so now I can't get reimbursed for their mistake... I think that is a strategic move on their part.

Again, I wasn't informed that I was charged for the deluxe supply (even though I only received the basic supply.)

Basic supply costs $119 but I'm being charged $148.53 for the deluxe supply... which (again) I did not receive.

So the girl on the phone basically told me I'm SOL.

I am absolutely horrified by this experience and will be posting this complaint on as many forums as possible. This is not ok, this company needs to be shut down, they are extorting money out of people by ignoring their e-mails and attempts to cancel. AND by charging them for products the customer doesn't even receive.

Not only this, but my skin still has not recovered from using their products. I still have these red, irritated marks on my face, patches of dry skin on my chin and temples, and my nose has remained a beet-red colour... my nose has never been red unless I was sick but now after using meaningful beauty... It wont go back to normal.

I have spent hundreds of dollars on different creams in an attempt to correct my skin after this nightmare, nothing has worked so far. And now I'm losing hope, what if my skin never goes back to normal?

My skin is still tight and it's painful to even smile.

Never again will I make the mistake of ordering something from a company without reading the reviews.


Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Cream.

Monetary Loss: $197.

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You should have cancelled the credit card after the first screw up with canceling your account. Always do that when there are erroneous charges from a company that's obviously running a scam.

It depends on your financial institution, but you shouldn't be charged for any except your original order if you file a dispute. Just explain what happened.

The.more charges you allow to go unchallenged, makes it more difficult to convince the credit card agency.


Try some legal advisement for fraud and pain and suffering.


Thanks for sharing. Very helpful!

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