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When you call them they will want your credit card info right away. While still talking when you tell them that you are not interested in placing order, they will say sorry order has already been processed, call us after 24 hours.

When you call them next day they will say, we can not find your order call it next day. It repeats every day. Till all of a sudden you get a small one lb package. Carrier company has been told just to leave pkg at the door, do not ring bell, or ask for signature, as otherwise they fear you may not accept the pkg.

While the initial shipment will be billed on your credit card. If you ask them to cancel future orders, they will keep saying on the phone your order has been cancelled, but will keep billing you on your credit card. This is what I read on customer reviews. They do not give cancellation #, they do not give you email address where you could write to them and retain copy for yourself.

On the phone they will keep saying that you will get email tomorrow, but it will not come. Then they will say we do not know why you are not getting emails, there must be something wrong at your end.

This is a fraud company. Please beware and do not deal with them.

Report this to press, TV and any other media you could think of. This company will give you sleepless nights.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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Ugh, I wish I would have looked first. I just placed the order and called back to cancel.

The charge went through on my card but they said I have to call back in 24 -72 hours as it's not on their system!

I told them that doesn't make any sense...the charge was put thought so that is their scam. Realized this is the same company that distributes Wen shampoo....I went through hassle with them.

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