Here is one for the record books. I lost my Credit Card and called my bank to close the account and send me a new card..

The card was replaced with a new one. Two months later I see a charge on my account from Meaningful Beauty. I called my bank to dispute the charge as I did not give Guthy Renker my new card # nor the security code. I also call Guthy Renker to cancel and let them know they where not authorized to use this new card.

A week later the box of Meaningful beauty shows up (with products they picked). I finally stopped them by blocking them from using my account through my bank but then I was threatened with being turned over to collections if I did not pay 79.95.

If this has happened to you contact your Attorney General and report it. Ask the Attorney General to have Guthy Renker provided the security code on the back of you card along with proof that you authorized them to use your card.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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