Bronx, New York
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I would recommend that everyone to call the BBB and report the huge scam that is going on. I advice for Cindy to be on board because her ship is going to sink.

Her beauty products and her MIRICALE VITAMINS over charging costumers , after they have canceled there order. For fours months now I have this issue. We need to stop this, times are hard for a millionaire to steal our money for bogus products!!!!!!! Bogus!!!

I want my money as u promise. Everyone I know will be informed not to buy " I WILL MEANING FULL OVERLY CHARGE YOU ON UR CREDIT CARD" >>> shame on u Mrs.

Cindy Crawford. I will notify Chanel I witness

PS very pissed off

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Cindy Crawford is a worthless human being just trying to profit on any lady that does not look like her. *** off and die you loser.

Hopefully you will die soon, you no good scam fraud!!!

You are millionaire because of your products that she has no idea what's in them. Please, loll yourself!!!!


My wife is on ssi and her bank account was over charged $4,000.00 because of Meaningful Beauty and researching Cindy does not use the same product they send and we only got 1 shipment and was still charged my wife thought her SSI was decreased but was not bank helped with some of it changed the card so they can take any more.

in a nutshell these products SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At first, it might have been good, but as usual, products tend to lose their value once they are overly-rated and the producers might cheat with the ingredients. We will never know.

I personally think everyone should embrace their age and accept that they are aging instead of going against the tide. Ms. Crawford: I advise you to take care of who you are spiritually rather than just feeding your vanity. We are all going to die and this mortal body will rot.

You are hitting 50.

Stop pretending to look an age you aren't and do something about your eternal salvation.


I have the same problem, even after I cancel the *** product they keep charging me every month , and the charges went up to 56 dollars crazy. How I can report this fraud


Cindy Crawford a beauty icon of many years in an industry that for most models is a short lived and fickel ride to over aged oblivion. Cindy has successfully navigated an forged a career beautifully with a solid understanding of what it takes to be and maintain a beautiful exterior, along with her beautiful interior.

She has personally drawn from this tenure to produce and deliver first rate beauty products that are solidly based in scientific reality. Her products deliver, hands down.


My advice to all that are having problems with getting billed for a product that you already canceled is to cancel your card and get mailed a new one report it stolen or whatever but that should that should fix your problem.


You should call Guthy Renker directly at their Corporate Offices at (760) 773-9022 and ask for Customer Relations, and they will be able to assist you.

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