Huntsville, Alabama

I called after watching the infomercial a couple of times. It said it was $59.95 for a shipment. I don't remember upgrading my order, I think they just slip that in on you.

So I get my order and am charged $59.95 but then wait... next month I am charged $59.95 again and a 3rd month of $59.95. So I call to find out what the deal is. Apparently I upgraded and now instead of an initial $59.95 I have placed a recurring month charge of $59.95.

Even though I am a 55 year old woman, after using the product for a couple of months I am not noticing much of a difference to want to pay $59.95/month.

I watched the infomercial again to see if I was mistaken and it said the shipment WAS just $59.95 and if you call now you can get it for $39.95. Now I am feeling REALLY pissed about my experience.

So thinking that was a done deal, the next week after canceling I get still ANOTHER shipment. I call to say what's the deal on this I canceled my plan. I told them I would just put return to sender on it and return it and was told OH NO don't do that we will send you a return label. And I said and then I have to pay the postage to send back something that I canceled and didn't order? Well if you want to get a quick refund you do need to wait for the return label.

I was VERY frustrated now and told the man I WOULD put return to send on it, and if I don't get my refund I would just turn it over to my credit card company to handle.

BE AWARE! Before you know it you will be in for $59.95 a month for something that I personally don't think is worth that much. I am a hard working person and if it was a miracle product then maybe I would consider paying that price for the fountain of youth.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set.

Monetary Loss: $240.

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