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I purchased the starter kit for 79 from my local Ulta Store. I shared the kit with my daughter and we used the products for 2 days.

On the first day we both stated to each other that it tingles the skin on the second day while I was at work I began to loose vision and my throat began getting tight. I had to go home before I could not drive, so loss of wages. My daughter took the day off to go to her daughters field trip and she was unable to go because her eyes swelled shut and was unable to drive. My daughter texted me and told me what was happening and I shared my experience.

I called urgent care and they were very busy and suggested to try a benedryl and flush the eyes and throat every hour.

We both did those things and are better today but still very red, itchy and puffy eyes with a swollen throat and tongue. This product is messed up

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Same reactions about 10 years ago and reached out to the company. I wanted to understand if others had a similar issue - not for legal reasons but to understand if they had identified a common ingredient that caused the reaction.

I received no help and they referred me to legal. I’m now hyper-sensitive to products - - my body never recovered.


Yes happened to me as well. I only used meaningful beauty product for a few days and stopped due to puffy swollen eyes!

It really sucks when you pay to look better and it makes you look like a monster! Worried now as I stopped all of the product 2 days ago and still reacting with itchy and red eye lids that last night.

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