Chicago, Illinois

I finally ordered the kit. The lady on the phone was nice, I even upgraded to a few extra products.

49.99 was my total. I told the lady after hearing the 90 day explanation and how they will renew my order in 30. Which seemed a bit soon, but I only wanted 1 order. I told her 10 times I can't have another debit from my account next month.

I made quite clear of this. I ordered. Under 30 days I simply call and cancel repeating orders. I set the date.

I forgot. Ok, overdraft fees. I thought just this once, my friend deserved a gift. I waited, and waited.

Finally I call. Where's my shipment I already paid got. Oh no mam, when I first ordered that 49$ was the first of 3 installments. Then I'd get charged again and get more product.

Wait...150$ for what was clearly advertised for 49$ remember (119$ value for 49$) 150$ is not a value then. Commercial lied. The sales rep lied as I assured her I would not be able to make another order in 30 days. I'm unemployed!

Now, I told this woman I can't have this. I never would of ordered 150 skin care. I'm broke. I told her I liked the product which is to bad cuz your whole company manipulated, lied, and every thing I was originally told was bs.

Funny thing, it's a scam, they see who will notice. She didn't sound surprised and said she'd refund my 2nd payment and waive the 3rd. Really? So quick to give me 100$ off if I had been wrong or mistaken?

Ladies becareful. I love the line, but not lies. Order, pay, and demand refund, don't let them get away with this. Or maybe your story will differ.

Maybe they have many scams and let's see how yours compares.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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