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Update by user Aug 23, 2022

the manager she hate so much and she accused many times that iam the only one in this complex who always complaining about very much every thing and accuse me that iam the one who always sent bad rates on each survey which is not right. so when my daughter walk closed to the office and i be there after here she doesnt wait even 10 or even 5 minutes from my daughter arriving at her office and she knew this little girl is my daughter and she just didnt believe that so she used my child and frame it to her hatred.

before she call the police she should call her parents and talk to them and know from them if this manager cant handle the conversation with the residents and she always terrorize residents by using the police as the mean to empty this hate in her, this is not good way to respect her residents she should develop good relation with everybody here but not to make this place as prison and place of discomfort like for little things we find the police or child protective services on our door step this is nor right we are parents and mothers and should be respective. what happen if she just hand my daughter with little advice to me i think in this way the life will be easier. for god sake what kind of people u hire?

your old manager she was amazing she loves all people i know good people they dont last longer. thanks and i wait u should act for this incident and iam waiting for an answer from u

Original review posted by user Aug 21, 2022

hello first

my complain is against the manager JESSICA GILL, i been live in this complex since 2012 and i have not one single problem with the police and very much every think was ok untill ur new manager came to run this property.

it just start when used to ask her that i need things in my appartment to get fix so every time she said i cant and she always fins a reason for her denial.

many people in this property they dont like her because she refuse to fix specific things or maintenance they dont fix in the right way so when residents ask her to refix she doent do any thing so normally people leave bad comments online about ur property so she always accuse me that iam the only one in this property who like to complain or leave negative comment on the survey.

so ii used to get a survey sent to my email alomost every month but after the last altercation they survey stops and been not sent to my email any more so i feel the she act as dictator she always love people to leave positive things about her or ur complex.

there are many people live her so why she always say that iam the only one leave these bad comments this is not true.

3 week ago me and my daughter were out because i like to water my plants on the morning so while iam inside to get some water my daughter walk so some lady found her and took her to the office so like 4-5 minutes the maintenance guy he knows me and knows my daughter he came and told me that my daughter in the office so i went so fast to the office i couldnt go in because iam wearing my underwear because i have an amputation above the knee so i ask the maintenance to open the door and let my daughter out, so he came out and told me the manager says go change and come, so JESSICA saw me while i was parking outside so she knew this is my daughter so after i came back i saw two police came to the office so i knew she called the police for simple reason.

before i saw the police i thought may be she wanna talk to me and give me little advice but i dont know that she really have dark heart she used my child as a weapon to hurt me.

this manager left no dignity and respect for the residents.

she just like to see people suffer and suffer she just like to destroy any family her members go through heated discussion with her.

so the next day one lady knocked my door and she said iam from child protective services she sat with me and my daughter mom i dont really know why all this happen and it could be resolved so easily.

ur manager could give me my daughter with little advice and respect mix with love, if this is the way ur manager JESSICA GILL follow to run this place so this will make residents willing to leave this place as soon as possible this will make people are so afraid to live in this place because really now i dont feel safe.

just example ,if she found her grand daughter and her daughter lives her does she going to do the same thing?

does she going to call the police? off course no? so why in my case calls the police?

i have her emaill when she told me that iam the only one complain about her if u want i can forward that to u to investigate?

after that incident i make to orders to fix two different things and nobody show up from the maintenance to fix what i ask for?

i probably going to sue her or ur company if ur not going to deal with this incident because she starts to hurt my family and my family is red line.

i wanna hear from u soon

Location: Arlington, Texas

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