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They sent a Tech to replace the fan motor in the A/C unit outside. This Tech improperly installed the motor which caused extreme wobbling with the unit.

He also left wires exposed on the top of the unit, which has created a very dangerous situation. MasterTech has refused to send ANOTHER tech to do the job RIGHT without saying I have to pay a $75.00 service fee (outside the warranty) and $114.00 for it being "after hours" I told them that I already took off work in order to be home, and to expect me to do that again, was just plain wrong. I told them they can come to my home between 4:00 - 6:00 pm, and they keep insisting I have to pay the extra money.

Why is this MY FAULT when their Tech did it wrong in the first place? They are deliberately dragging this out and blaming the Warranty Company for what MASTERTECH DID WRONG?

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: Carrollton, Texas

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tonypcman S

This company forged my signature on a document. They copied and pasted it from something else, and placed on the document stating all work was complete and satisfactory.



The warranty company sent a 4th service provider. This provider discovered the reason the unit was vibrating so badly, was because the fan blade was broken.

I am quite sure the installer knew it was broken because HE did it! He tried to sell me an entire new unit bypassing the warranty company. The 4th service provider didn't want to work on the unit due to the damage, so the warranty company had me hire my own service provider. The 5th service provider not only replaced the broken fan blade, he discovered the motor was not installed correctly.

He referred the guy as an "***" and said he in all the years he has been an A/C Tech, he has never seen such a bad install. The blade was in the wrong position, and since this was a universal motor, the screw posts weren't removed so the fan blade could be in the right position. The "***" also didn't put the proper washers on the mounting bolts, the motor would hav fallen through. Master Tech claimed I wasn't their customer because I didn't give them any money, yet I was sent an invoice with the incompetent tech's name on it.

I also have email from them. They did nothing but tell the Better Business Bureau, and the Warranty company blatant lies. The Warranty company reimbursed me for the $226.73 I had to spend to get my A/C unit in proper working order. As for Master Tech resolving this?

No they did not. I filed a complaint with the State of Texas against their license because the exposed wires the "***" put on the outside of the unit, presented a very dangerous situation. Because of the wires (using quick plugs) were on the outside of the unit, the constant vibration would have worn causing them to touch the metal. Any one walking by, even me, could touch that unit and be electrocuted.

Master Tech didn't care. I have documented proof on everything.

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