I ran across a job opportunity on craigslist in Cabo San Lucas for a sales position selling self improvement, life coaching classes and accreditations, for a company that falls under different names. Lifesoulutions that Work LLC, and Life Mastery Institute, are a couple.

They market programs and materials of Mary Morrissey's teachings. So while doing my due diligence I googled them. Found out that Marry Morrissey was investigated for fraud and money laundering. (just google Mary Morrissey scam and it'll all come up) and her husband went to prison for it.

That kind of let me down but that was almost ten years ago so I continued to check things out. Since I've been a student of personal growth all my life I was really interested and other than some bad "glass door" reviews (that I should have listened to) I didn't find that much other bad info. So I applied, found out that all their upper level management in the sales department were from a time share (timeshare) operation (including Rich Boggs, Mary's son) down in Mexico. I told them that I was passionate about spirituality and personal development as well as having a proven sales career so they were interested.

But informed me that "this is a hard core closing position". And after my second interview with their sales manager who ran the timeshare operation in Mexico, I started to sense some real insincere motives. On my third interview with the third level of management, (all recruits from the same timeshares program in Mexico), I really began to feel uncomfortable. In Mary Morrissey's video for prospective life coaches looking for training and certification, she sweet talks you saying she's going to set you up with a hand selected "Strategy Specialist" mentored personally by her to help you find your purpose as a life coach.

Well, who your going to be talking to you on that "strategy session" is a hard-core one-close timeshare shark. These programs can range up into the six figure range and it is my speculation that they will bleed every penny that they can for you. You are trained to have to customers borrow beg or get them to put it on credit cards. After witnessing this I have decided to just be a life coach myself instead of feeding on unsuspecting good natured people who just want to help others and make a living doing it.

There is more that I uncovered, but hopefully this will be enough for anyone who is thinking of purchasing their products services. It pains me that people like this feed on the most wholesome and unsuspecting behind a mask of a being spiritual and compassionate. If you're thinking of marketing for them? Read the glassdoor reviews that have been buried by their own upper management (who put reviews on) and probably cohered reviews from employees.

Your leads will be by people who think you're a "Program Specialist", just there to help them find out which program is best for them, but you will be highly trained to bleed them for every dime you can. Like one of the managers told me, I came from the time share industry where we're often paying over $1000 to get this person or couple in front of us, (in the form of weekend paid vacations to Mexico) now that's where you learn to take no prisoners, we close and we close hard".

That may not be verbatim, but it's extremely close! All I can say is - you've been warned!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mary Morrissey Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

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Thank you for the warning. Unfortunately, there're lots of scammers and unethical people who scam people right and left.

Your comments and experience is very helpful. Thank you for raising your voice.


Thank you




Fees so high that you could cry...


thank you for this helpful review


Thanks for the heads up.


Thanks for the info.. I signed up for the free masters class but was feeling like this was a scam and checked before signing up and found this!!

Thank You!! Right click delete!!!!!


Thank you for this. I was scammed by timeshare people once.

And just today, I spent two hours on the phone with these people and it had a very "timeshare pitch" feel to it. Thing is, I really think that Mary Morrissey's message is good, but the method she's created to become a life coach may not be.

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