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Original review updated by user Aug 26, 2022

If the people at Marti report bothered to answer the phone or return a call or return an email I would not have been writing this review. But since it was like pulling teeth to get my money back , I am.

I ordered the $55 deluxe report.

Which was basically going to come to me as a PDF in an email which Im OK with but dont tell me it takes 10 days to send an email. I dont care how busy you are , if its all digitized its click, push send and done. But anyway. Things didn't get that far.

Id hemmed and hawed about ordering a report anyway because I really dont see the value in them for many reasons and I Ive also done so much more research on my own for my car I know basically all there is to know about it.. But I thought what could Marti report hurt? So I did it. And I paid through PayPal.

Within a couple days later I noticed the PayPal is set it up as a recurring charge. So I canceled the recurring charge and then I decided that I didnt want to report anyway and I thought it was fishy that it was set up to be a recurring charge because I didnt do that, So I wrote an email to Marti auto Works and also placed a call and left a message. I waited a whole business day and no one got back to me so then I called the next day.. and was treated rudely and hung up on.

HUNG UP on. So I called back got another guy and they said oh were refunding your money right now. Well then.. why the hang up?

It just seems that these people think that they have some kind of gold that everybody wants and because of that they have such an attitude about it its sickening. They wouldnt even have this information if some secretary at Ford didnt decide to pull a Trump and take a bunch of documents home with her.. Which she then sold to these people. In any event I dont need it I know the value of my car and I know what it came with I know its history.

And as Ive said before on many occasions other cars from other makers sell just fine without one of these reports so I really dont see the value in them. But regardless of value theres no need to be rude to anybody.

User's recommendation: Really ask yourself why do you need this thing.

Monetary Loss: $55.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Marti Auto Pros: You tell me.

Marti Auto Cons: Useless info and rude customer service.

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I have known and done business with this company for 20 years... First of all, Marti Auto Works is not a reoccurring transaction, it's a onetime fee and that's it.

They do not have a monthly program what-so-ever. Marti reports are not just a "click" and send deal, they are each individually researched. The website operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week worldwide. That means while you are sleeping, someone in another country where it is daytime (yes that's a real thing) is purchasing a report.

That means that your order is not the only one in process. It takes them 5-7 days (sometimes longer) to research and send out your report. On top of that, thanks to all the awesome junk mail you get from everyone, the email provider sometimes thinks the report you are being sent is spam and files it in the junk folder. I think you bashing them without educating yourself on what really is going on behind the scenes, and basically not knowing what the *** you are talking about, is rude and uncalled for.

They gave you the money back, if they hung up on you it was probably because YOU were being rude first, which is usually the case.

But seeing that you are comparing them to Trump by "taking documents" makes me realize how stupid and uneducated of a person you really are to begin with, and now understand why this review was written. Just like how you voted for Biden based on what your tv told you to do instead of doing the research before hand, is the same reason why you bash Marti Auto Works for a reoccurring fee program THAT DOESN'T EXIST!.....clown


Trumper. Figurers. Your temper suits his


Wow. Seems to me you’re a bit emotional here.

Perhaps you’re a member of this company?

And what is all this stuff about Biden? Really I think your comment should be reported

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