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Valerie Houghton lists her expertise as a therapist and family mediator. That is a bunch of BS.

Valerie does not have ANY mediation skills. She does not know how to work out problems and seek reasonable solutions. If there is a problem, only one of two things will occur. (1) she will use the problem to her advantage.

When I told her that my son was getting molested, she just used the information to get assets placed into trust. What a problem solver would have done is filed a request for an emergency screening. If anything, SHE IS LEGALLY MANDATED. (2) If you don't like the solution that she presents to you, Valerie Houghton will bully, harass, and POISON you.

I didn't like my son getting molested or that my other children were being put in harms way. I also didn't like being cut out of my children's lives, so I complained. At this point mediation skills would have come int handy, but you need to have empathy to be able to do that. I think that most people could understand why I would be upset about my so getting molested or being estranged for no good reason.

Valerie had no empathy. She just got ANGRY. I was subsequently stalked, harassed, hacked, threatened, and poisoned. Valerie only cared about herself, once again.

How dare I complain? How dare I criticize anything that she does? How dare I try to fight for my kids and try to protect them?

When you deal with Valerie, you are not dealing with a normal person. You can't assume that she will be conventional or reasonable.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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Kaiya Ifw

Valerie Houghton should not be making decisions for my children. Her values are not in line with the law, nor common morality.

I believe that she hides who she is behind her licenses and covert behavior. Nothing good can ever come to your kids if she is on your case. If the abuser gets complete custody of the kids, profits will certainly be maximized. Since it is all 'legal,' there is not much that you can do about it.

Valerie is well connected and is skilled at spreading money.

If you dare try, consequences will be severe. Your best bet is to disappear.

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