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I told my attorney, Joshua Bentley, that my now ex-wife had made filings for a divorce. He then asked me what Department my case was in.

Mr. Bentley then told me [in person] to text him for a referral to a family law attorney. I had to contact him several times over the next week and half to get that referral.

When he finally got back to me, he referred me to Ms. Amini, who I then hired.

Ms. Amini told me that she could not represent me if I did not hire a therapist to prepare me for my divorce. She then referred me to Valerie Houghton.

I was emailed instructions to pay Ms. Houghton only in cash and not to tell anyone. Furthermore, Ms. Houghton stated several times to me that the judge [Honorable James E. Towery] would be angry should I fire either her or Ms. Amini.

I asked Ms. Amini several times about needs for secrecy and cash payments. She never gave me an answer that made any sense.

After paying about $30,000 between the two of them in a span of two months, I fired both of them.

The next hearing Judge Towery vacated all of my hearings without my consent. These hearings included ones pertaining to custody and visitation.

Judge Towery also consistently ruled against me and violated many Rules of Court to my detriment throughout the remaining proceedings.

After the end of my divorce I carefully examined Ms. Houghton's website. She listed the Honorable Towery as a former employer and as a reference.

Furthermore, Ms. Houghton had offered her services to my ex-wife after I fired her.

It has been almost four years since I have last had contact with my children. There is nothing in the record that would indicate that it should be so. In fact, the police report which is the basis for no contact [that I subpoenaed] has been removed from the record against my objections.

I informed Judge Towery of my intent to complain. The next day the record was uploaded into digital format. Many of my pleadings [1/3 of the record] are now missing.

Ms. Houghton's website has also been removed from the internet [www.valeriehoughton.com].

Despite the Honorable Towery's obvious conflict of interest, he has refused to recuse himself. In fact, he has ordered that I not have contact with any of my four children for an additional 5 years. There is a pending complaint against him regarding this matter filed with the Commission on Judicial Performance.

There also also pending complaints against Ms. Amini and Ms. Houghton with the State Bar of California.

I have also filed a Civil Rights case against the Honorable Towery.

Here is the link:


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Marriage And Family Therapist Valerie Houghton Cons: Extortion, Loss of children, Fraud.

Location: 1190 S Bascom Ave #138, San Jose, CA 95128, USA

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Bob G Idj

She used lots of psychological terminology. It was all just an act.

Valerie never cared about me or my kids. She was only interested in the money. I told her that my ex-wife was letting an older man molest out 13 year old son. Instead of filing an order for an emergency screening, Houghton used to the information to force my ex-wife to give her $80,000 to be held in trust.

Everything was about her. She threatened me several times. Told me that if I ever fired her that the judge would get mad. I fired her right after she got the $80,000.

I was then cut out of my children's lives. She didn't care that no valid reason ever existed, or even presented. In fact, the judge couldn't even give me one of any kind. It was always about Houghton.

She is selfish, cruel, and callous. Most people feel bad when you are hurt. Most people cringe when children get molested. I complained about all that stuff because she left me no alternative.

Instead of trying to work it out, Valerie POISONED me.

Nothing is off the table with her. Houghton is entitled to anything that you have, including your health.

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Valerie Houghton told me that my kids would be "finished" without me. That was after she found out that my son was molested, so she was telling the truth.

Yet shortly thereafter I was ordered to not have contact with my children for three years.

The judge could not even give me a reason why. Valerie knew what was going on, but she "finished" the kids.

Kaiya Ifw
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1982803

Children getting sexually abused is the ultimate way for a family law attorney to make money. When complete custody is given to the abuser, the good parent is forced to pay to see the kids.

The sexual abuse is bound to continue.

The attorney collects a steady stream of money from the abuser in order to stay out of jail. The money stream continues until the kids turn 18.

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