I posted this review for the 6th time in Yelp and got removed because of violating for terms & Services. There is no one to call to find out why on Yelp about this.

I can't believe my reviews continued to disappear, UNBELIEVABLE! I am very disappointed how this can happen because consumers rely on these reviews to make choices! Not only that, but I do not believe I violated Yelps guidelines here.

And keep in mind this is a $2100 per month private school and 5 Stars ratings? Seriously?

A friend just went through a terrible experience with this school that I would like to share.

Hopefully, parents will think twice before considering this school. Did they really have the loving care and expertises like the good rating implied? I will leave it up to the reader to determine.

My friend's kid was asked to leave the school because the principal said her kid cried too much and not normal. I don't believe any school principal have the professional qualifications to evaluate a kid's mental health.

She told my friend that some parents complained about my friend's kid cried too much, and she is then had no choice but asked my friend to leave the school since some parents were threatened to switch school. The principal also reported this to the school district and as a result the school district required my friend to take her kid in for 5 different specialists to evaluate. BUT guess what, the evaluation confirmed from 5 different specialists from Canyon View said the kid is PERFECTLY NORMAL.

This is not only causing the parent tons of time on meetings/evaluations, specialist expenses and mentally dramatized the kid bc the school kept calling my friend to pick her kid up every other day he cried. And every time my friend arrived at school he was napping, and the teacher still woke the kid up, so my friend could take him home.

And please NOTE, my friend's kid was NEVER once hurt any kids at school.

Now my friend switched her kid to a different school, all the teachers loved him and even got student of the month My point here is what qualifications these staffs have to declare the crying kid is not normal mentally. Shouldn't the teachers be caring enough, patience enough, have the skills to calm the kid down? Seriously, what preschooler don't cry or throw a fit every once in a while. What is even worse is that words got around, everyone thought this kid is not normal.

Mentally, this kid and the parent got dramatized since everyone look at them with different eyes.

The school simply gave up on the kid and fabricate reasons to expel the kid. It also appears that the school cares about the Headcount=$$$ then helping the kid.

I am sure the readers might have read my review and Stacy's response by now but one thing I want to emphasize here is the school DID NOT try to help this kid like they said they did per my friend, but instead they CALLED parent to pick him up.

If the school truly didn't do anything wrong why did my reviews continue to disappear?

User's recommendation: Not recommended.

Location: Hayden, Idaho

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