We hired Madewell Concrete in February/2021 to replace our existing concrete garage floor, driveway &;;;;;;;;;;;;;; front step pad, with the concrete tinted Smoke. A 3-inch compacted gravel base was to be placed under all concrete.

In addition, the new front pad was to be stamped, accent-colored & sealed. Work started in March. We paid a total of $14,729 for the job. Brian P was onsite manager, Austin M as sales manager, and Miguel M & his crew provided the labor

Based on our agreement, and in addition to information & pictures used as sales tools and readily available at the Madewell Concrete website, Madewell has failed to provide a quality product as promised.

Further, Madewell has resorted to unprofessional behavior in an attempt to evade fulfilling their obligation to me. As I continued in my attempts to resolve issues with this company, both the Project Manager & the Sales Manager stopped communicating with me, and Madewell has now completely abandoned the unfinished project. I even submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, of which Madewell Concrete is a member. Madewell failed to respond until the BBB contacted them a second time.

Issues Madewell Concrete has failed to resolve to my satisfaction:

GARAGE FLOOR: There was a one-inch gap on the right side at the base of the garage door where the door no longer rests on the new concrete as it had with the old concrete.

The insets in the concrete (for the door bottoms to rest in) were sloppily finished. I actually had to chip concrete away from the bottom of the garage door tracks in order for the garage door to even go down. Workers forced concrete up and behind the track bottoms causing them to flex inward.

DRIVEWAY: The gravel was nowhere near 3 inches at any point. There was barely an inch at the top towards the garage & little to NO gravel on the bottom half of the driveway.

I mentioned small amount of gravel to Brian after the gravel delivery truck arrived and he assured me it would be plenty to spread a couple inch layer under the entire driveway. He was wrong. The driveway was poured in two different batches. There is a physical seam where the 1st & 2nd batches met and the concrete was not smoothed/brushed properly.

There is also a distinct color difference between the batches. The concrete also has thousands of small white spots covering almost the entire surface. There is a huge color difference between the garage floor & the driveway. Brian P even said he was "concerned about the color difference".

Irrigation piping: after the old driveway was removed, Miguel pointed out irrigation pipes running underneath. Miguel used the Bobcat to run concrete mix up to the top of the driveway and pad, rather than the heavy truck backing into the driveway. Even then, the piping was damaged.

FRONT STEPS PAD: Messy with ugly tooled line joints diverging at an angle to the horizontal & vertical lines created by the stamped pattern pads. The stamped projects at Madewell's website are beautiful.

Ours is not. In my initial email to Austin, the Sales Manager (which included pictures), he replied "I do agree with you, the joints do not look the best." But later informed me they would not do the work properly unless I paid an additional $1600.

OVERALL: There are many rough edges & markings in the concrete that were not smoothed properly. Concrete was "slopped" up on the garage walls and will have to be ground down to avoid trapping water behind the walls.

What do I expect from Madewell? I'd like the driveway gravel to be the full 3 inches I was promised & I paid for.

The driveway & garage floor should be moderately the same color, rather than the current huge difference.

I want my walkway to be equal to the quality of the Madewell project pictures at their website...at no additional cost to me. Any concrete up against the walls/steps should be removed.


User's recommendation: Read my comments and assess company on your own.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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