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I signed a contract with lytx months ago. My research took months.

We did not sign with the first company we found. Compared apples to apples truly thought we made best decision. We scheduled a date for install over a month out because they A. didn't have equipment and B.

installing companies were that far out. My installation was schedule for Saturday morning Jan 15th mind you I received no notification of our upcoming appointment I had to call to confirm and when I called they said" you were schedule for last Saturday" they had to send messages out to the proper department to figure out what was going on because no one knew. I get a call just before 5 from Leandra confirming the appointment. The installing company comes out and says wrong equipment was sent, I can't install.

Of course, this is a Saturday and NO ONE IS AVAILABLE. I contacted my sales rep no answer, customer service no one could help, useless Leandra NO ANSWER. Monday morning comes around and I'm blowing everyone's lines up. Mind you, my trucks have no tracking devices.

Leandra finally answers to tell me we have everything not sure what happen, and she is trying to get another company out. After waiting all day I started to call the company they sent out myself as she said no companies available till Feb 3 to install. she emails she found someone who could be out Tuesday the 18th @ 5 pm. Again I am sitting here waiting at 5:20 I called no answer.

Sent email to find out what company was coming as they haven't arrived. I get another email saying they are running behind and want to reschedule. Long story short I was able to get the guy to come out that night only to tell me we had wrong wire harness and wrong fuses which information was relayed to Leandra and she assured me everything minus diagnostic cables were sent and the company could install and return once the diagnostic cables received. That was not the case, so another night was wasted.

Again I began calling everyone to fins out what the problem was and why once again my devices were not installed. fast forward to today. I still have no devices, nor has anyone contact me from the complaint department as promised. I am shocked a company this size who has been around this long operates this way.

Leandra needs to be fired.

Amanda needs to be written up and lytx needs to use this as a training to better themselves as a company. Extremly disappointed.

User's recommendation: find another company not worth the headache!

Lytx Pros: Pricing.

Lytx Cons: Terrible service, No communication skills, Lack of empathy, No accountability.

Location: Pompano Beach, Florida

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Same problem, cant get a human on the phone

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