I knew something was up! Sounded too good 2b true & we all heard that *** before.

RIPOFFS! You, idiots, need to apologize to customers & treat us w/truth & respect period! I would not send it back nor would I pay another cent for false advertisement. Take me to court or church liars!

Our returns will be their derive...fair is fair skin win!

You get what you give, and that is what you so happily foretold fo's! Shocked Sarcastic

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Luminess Air Cons: Fact that they lie & charge an essess, That is what makes me not want it at all, Assess, Oops excessive, Fraud.

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they have threatened to report me to the credit bureau!


I am with you they threatened me and I told them go for it report them to federal agencies - consumer reports and FDCPA FOR DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES. I contacted David Goldstein and he told me to send an email to his team hope they get involved and expose this really *** company.


You go girl. I say we band together and come up with a social media campaign to warn future victims, ruin their name and stop the influx of cash they are defrauding others of as a result of their completely false advertising.

Something has to be done about this company. False advertising is NOT legal.

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