Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts

I was in the process of ordering the starter kit for the advertised price of $19.99, of course there are offers of an upgraded system for $10.00 more, or supersizing the make-up bottles for $10.00 more, etc. I though that was the catch.

I nearly processed the order when I noticed the "fine print". WOW, this company misleads their customers into thinking they are paying $19.99 for the product, HOWEVER, the customer is actually paying for the USE of the spray machine for 30 days (actually less if you don't count shipping time).

Once the thirty day TRIAL PERIOD ends there will be an additional 5 monthly charges of $69.99 to purchase the unit!! This makes the $19.99 purchase price they advertise into actual price of $369.94!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Makeup.

Reason of review: I read the fine Print!.

Luminess Air Cons: Misleading the price.

  • Scam Additional Charges
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Less is more as they say. Try a good BB or CC cream.

Keep your make up routine simple.

This isn’t going to turn you into one of the models on TV. Your wrinkles, pores etc aren’t going to magically disappear with this very costly system that I suspect is not as easy to use as the commercial portrays.


TV ad reads $19.99 for a 30 day TRIAL.

Doesn't anyone research anything before they buy?

Many tv ads have trial periods now.


Thanks for your review. I no longer order anything until l check reviews.

That includes from TV, or ANYTHING, from ANYWHERE.


I will not be ordering Luminess.


Thank you for your review. Very clear and easy to understand how this scam works.

I was confused at first. Yes on TV they show the complete item being sold for 19.99. And what it includes and with a so called 30 day money back guarantee. I thought like no doubt other gullibles that the item is like a printer.

Sell the printer cheap and then make money on the ink or in this case make up products. WELL now thanks to you I understand what other negative reviewers have been trying to convey. Some better than other do get across but yours is the best job. Thanks again I will now avoid this rip off too.

Off to buy a good reviewed air brush in the 30-50 dollar range on Amazon and then choose the best make up for them too.

I understand there are ways to thin otc make ups by use of witch hazel and other thinners that also help keep these machines clean at the same time. Thanks and kudo's and great karma to you always.


Love your reply! Not only did you do your due diligence first but you also provided an alternative with Amazon. Bravo!!


I too noticed that towards the end of signing up and deleted all my info.


Thanks forctge reviews...stopped me.

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