Hicksville, New York

This business (if you can even call it that) is a scam!!! I ordered my platinum luminess air with a 2 year warranty and even paid an extra 40 dollars to make sure it was shipped in 2 WEEKS.

I paid $350 dollars for something I thought would atleast come in brand new, but instead saw make up in the stylus and including the holder. I complained and they told me they would send a brand new one with a 2 day rush order, but instead I got a broken stylus holder with some pieces missing from the bottom of the compressor! I just couldn't believe it! I called them the next morning and got put on hold for almost half an hour!!

DONT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE PLEASE!!! Dinair they said is way better!!!

oo yeah!

My boyfriend bought this for me as a birthday present! What a Joke!!

Monetary Loss: $350.

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i saw the promo for this product over the television and i really like it.i than quickly searched it on computer and sent the link to my partner to order this for me...im just glad that i decided to read the reviews before placing an order.I have pimple scars on my face i am trying to get rid of,,if someone knows anything better than please do tell me.


We are very sorry to hear this! Please give us a call at 1-888-793-7474 or email us at luminess@luminessair.com and we will gladly assist you.


I was worried about that too beofre I used this, but was surprised it didn't get everywhere like I was expecting. The mist is so fine that it really doesn't show up anywhere else, unless you're using it on blast and really close to your hair line or shirt - but I didn't have any issues.

I guess the only messy part would be if you spill the makeup out of the cup on the stylus - which can happen if it's filled too much and you tilt the stylus without thinking. I did this once because I got a little crazy with my circular motions and tilted it too much and spilled it all over, lol, but other than that there wasn't any mess.The one thing I did forget to mention, but feel it may be important to note, is that the air flow can vary. What I mean is sometimes it comes out in a nice steady stream and other times it kind of gets stuck. For the price, and it being one speed, it's still great, but that was something I noticed.

I'm not sure if a good cleaning of the stylus would take care of that - I did clean it once already just to see how it would clean. It was really easy to clean and put back together.


Just ordered what I thought was a 29.95 air brush. After I gave all the info over the phone I was quickly told in a garbled tone it was 299.95!!!

I almost fainted!! I tried immediately to call customer service to cancel the order, but was told there office was available M-F I am going to take the advice of another "sucker" & refuse the delivery & file a complaint.

How are they still in business??? :cry


Excited to receive my shipment yesterday which we had shipped priority mail. Every item we ordered was wrong!

The airbrush system was wrong. The foundations and the Hello bag we're all wrong. When we called customer service to complain and asked them to correct our order, they tried to tell us that what we received was better than what we ordered so therefore we should keep it. We told them its not what we ordered and just wanted it replaced.

Then we were asked to TAKE A PICTURE of what we received and email it to them. At this point we were furious. We just wanted them to correct their mistake. We've never heard of a company making the customer go thru such hoopla to prove they made a mistake.

Then they expected us to pay for return shipping. We said this was your mistake to which she responded "I did NOT make a mistake. I entered your order correctly." We hit the ceiling at this point! We are regretting ordering anything from this company!

After much arguing and frustration over the phone...

They finally agreed to send us what we ordered overnight and reimburse our shipping....but we're not holding our breath. Hopefully, we won't have to take this to a higher level.


:roll :roll Geez, I wish I would have found this site before I ordered it yesterday...And $350!?!?! WOWZERS...I only paid $138.

I hope they make it right! Thats alot of money to lose these days...Let us know what happens.